Wot's in yer lasagne?

People in the UK are beefing on about the contents of their Lasagne and other dodgy meat products such as pies and sausages and the always a bit suss hamburger..
It seems Britain's Horse Meat scandal has backing from the Government and is advising people not to eat beef lasagne made in France and sold under the 'Findus'  brand due to the product containing  100% Horse meat.
Two weeks ago, the food safety authority of Ireland had revealed up to 29 % of the meat content of some beef burgers was in fact Horse meat, while they also found pig DNA. The frozen burgers were on sale in most supermarket throughout Britain.
The consumption of horse meat is quite common in France and neighbouring EU countries.
 Makes one wonder how long this has been going on . Mind you I recall Sydney in the early seventies having a similar problem. Anyone remember this sing song slogan on local radio, "Hurry on down to Harty's  - Where the burgers are barbecued" , Harty's were nobbled for adding local fauna meat to their dodgy  burgers, and who really knows what  muck we are expected to eat, I very much doubt if the Angus beef with no added hormones applies to all of the beef we are eating at takeaways. it would not surprise me if a mix of Buffalo,  Roo and Camel could be supplementing a bit of horse from the knackers yard.
However, eating unspecified nosh is what a lot of Aussies find yummy. Personally; to me Sino chow is my biggest turn off. Have you ever travelled to Formosa (Taiwan) and enjoyed a Chinese meal when in the back of your mind you may be aware that  3 or 4 times more Dog meat is eaten than other meaty dishes from bear and other odd tasting things on four legs.  Most sane persons would avoid the encounter with  Chinese nosh, the highest patronage would be from first time adventurists  and hungry bombed out drunks who deserve all they get, and it is a fact that more people suffer from an attack of worm infestation after eating Chinese and Indian nosh than any other foodstuffs

Bon appetite. .. Vest back soon.  Enjoy your Lasagne

I would like to have a few comments on this saga from my friends and relatives in the UK, which in it self would be a first off. I wonder who will be first/

Check this out......http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/backpackers-in-charity-bludge/story-e6frfq80-1226574451553


lower deck lawyer. said…
Foodies are checking the State Govt on line NAME and SHAME register in large numbers before booking a table or ordering takeaway.
Minister for primary industries said there were 1.25 million views of the website last year.
Consumer habits are changing people are making reservations on line and checking the Name and Shame website.
Several food outlets will be named and shamed on the website tomorrow.
They include 'HUNGRY JACKS' in The NSW town of Orange, recently fined$4,400 for uncleanliness and the Killa Burger in Burwood NSW which was fined $3,500 for several breaches.... Mike.
Vest said…
Hi Mike: Thanks for the info.
I have already checked the most recent list.
Oh dear fancy that, COLES the freshest food supermarket group has been fined for flogging off out of date foodstuffs.
Chris B said…
I don't mind eating a bit of pussy now and then
Dan Flynn said…

When in France I always try to eat some horse as a matter of principle because it winds up a horsey mate of mine. Horse meat tastes of nothing particular except meat.

I suppose the main argument going on here is about food quality and food labelling. Over the past few years we've had BST because some bright spark though it a good idea to feed cows to chickens, or was it the other way round. After that we had salmonella in eggs, there are regular e-coli outbreaks. I'd be a veggie if I didn't like bacon so much.

Re Chinese food, well mate, I really like it. I was in Beijing two years ago and only ate in the local cafes. Excellent fare, let me tell you. Beijingians are great eaters and every second shop, away from westernised places, was a food outlet.

Same with Indian food, it's bloody good stuff.

My cousin has emigrated to Perth so I'm hoping to visit Oz soon. Is there a national dish?
Vest said…
Dan, Thank you for your comment.
Dan, we have a long list of Asian restaurants leading the charge as the dodgiest (Unclean) food outlets on our name and shame list in Australia. However Dan you seem to be a well adjusted person like many who are able to convince themselves that taste is all that matters and where it is produced and how; is out of sight and mind.

Dan check out my recent posts on Asian Chow, again thanks for calling.
Vest said…
Dan: National dish is aborigine, and is live Witchetty Grubs a sort of large 50mm long caterpillar or maggot which ever you prefer,they are eaten live, other than that it's a Misc Barby With Bangers chops steaks or prawns.
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Hi Uncle Les. Was just tucking in to a very tasty lasagne from Aldi- one of the nicest I've tasted when the news came on saying I had eaten 100% horse!!!!!!! Unfortunately I had finished it. Felt very peculiar about it all and still do.

Lots of love Jane xxxxxxxxxx
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
I will be away from my computer until the morning of the 12th February and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Horse meat and dog meat don't sound so bad when you think about what they eat in Nagaland...I don't know how squeamish you and others are, so I won't say anything more...
Davoh said…
Who gives a shit? Have no teeth. Any mush is OK by me; these days.

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