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More Aussie forces Sex Scandals.

A defence force cadet has filmed himself having sex with another cadet and broadcast it to his friends in the latest sex scandal to hit defence.
The unnamed 18-year-old female cadet at the centre of the story came forward on Tuesday as the federal police launched an investigation.
She is alleging she had consensual sex with a fellow student who, unbeknown to her, had set up webcams in the room where they were having sex.
Six others were watching the camera feed in a separate room.
Still photos were also taken and soon began circulating at the Australian Defence Force Academy.
"You see it on the TV and you read it in the papers that these things happen but until it happens to you, you don't actually believe that these things happen," the woman told Network Ten.
Academy chief Bruce Kafer said an investigation had begun.
"If the perpetrators or those alleged to have been involved are found guilty of a crime, this could result in termination of their military careers," Commodore Kafer said.
Because the college is on federal land the federal police will be involved in the investigation alongside military police who are likely to look at fraternisation laws.
This is just the latest sex scandal to hit defence with the final investigation into the activities onboard HMAS Success recently finishing.
The report said a "predatory sexual culture" existed on the ship where senior sailors engaged in alcohol-fuelled public sex acts.
In recent weeks navy chief Russ Crane has warned if the culture does not improve he will introduce breath testing of all sailors in a bid to wipe out drunkenness.
"I don't want to have to do this but it will occur if I continue to see instances of poor and inappropriate behaviour," Vice-Admiral Crane said.
Defence Minister Stephen Smith is expected to comment on the scandal on Wednesday.

 Not like this during my naval carreer!!!.........Vest


Davoh said…
O, oops, need new glasses. Thought that the title said Sex 'Sandals'.
Jimmy said…

Yes the print is too fine
I have probs too
Jane. Stokes - Honour. said…
Thank you for the photos xxxxxxx

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