The ugly faces of cricket will be absent for a while.

I wonder if those cricket bowlers ever look at their grotesque features when switching on the hate button after dismissing an apposing batsman. For one Peter Siddle comes to mind.. with a face like the rear end of a bulldog at its best.
The ongoing sledging, bickering, umpiring cockups plus the general behaviour on and off the field give our so called sports writers plenty of scope to earn a Quid.
Leaders like 'Australia going for the jugular' and today 'Australians shoot for quick kill'.
It is a pity the Pakistanis failed to remember when winning the toss that it is fatal to bat last under lights on a damp day at the Sydney Cricket ground.

The ACB still regard the 'Underarm ball bowled to the Kiwi batsman as Legal, That sneaky incident orchestrated by the Aus Chappel bros when Greg Chappel ordered his bowling brother Trevor to bowl the last ball underarm to Brian McKechnie. Well the smell has never gone away, so why not on the eve of the anniversary of that blot on OZ cricket in 1981 return the favour when Australia needed Two runs from Three balls last night I reckon the Pakis on a hiding to nothing should have given the Aussies Three legal underarm daisy cutters. Makes one spit dunnit Ricky.


well said :)

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ALAN... Brommie. said…
Facebook Threat.
LONDON: An English crimminal used Facebook to threaten his enemies while he was in maximum security prison for conspiracy to murder.
Colin Gunn,an underworld boss who plotted a double killing, said in one post: "I will be home one day and I cant wait to look into certain people's eyes and see the fear of me being there."
Vest said…
There is no security in facebook.
Most public services have banned facebook from their offices.

Hackers love facebook.

Facebook will at some time adversely affect its users.

None so far; don't worry your turn will come eventually.
C B. said…
Dear Mr Vest,

I think a good topic for your next blog would be on the subject of ridiculously loud film and television music.

My hearing as far as I know is perfect, but it seems that background music is getting louder and louder.

This should attract a lot of comments.


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