A liberal dose of Patriotism and Cheating give Australia a Dodgy Win. But only Just. Daily Gaggle post number 600.

Shades of the Feb 1, 1981, dodgy under arm ball emerged in last nights 20/20/ game between Pakistan and a lacklustre Australian team led by the squeaky voiced Bingle banger whose fresh on the field team looked more like a bunch of Nuns playing with plastic bats on the beach.
Aussies all out having been knocked over for a paltry 127 runs; reaped a few runs from overhead deliveries considered wides by the unfaltering OZ favourite uncle type umpires, and the ball having to be re-bowled to make up the allotted number of deliveries in the six ball over(the last sentence will leave most yanks bewildered or stumped).
The indomitable Aussies whose fear of defeat has been well displayed in the past by team captains and Prime Ministers crying uncontrollably in their beer(Kim Hughes and Bob Hawke)were determined not to allow this mob of Muslim bomb chuckers to get in with the slightest chance, although the swashbuckling Pakistani wicket keeper knocked off half the score required-the remaining batsmen were hardly better than the poorly performing headless Australorps. Crunch time came in the last over, ten runs required from six balls, then seven required from 4 balls, it was at this point the latent inbred cheating syndrome entered the fray with our squeaky voiced wimp Oz cricket skipper ordering his bowler to bowl overhead deliveries, these went unnoticed by our patriotic umpires and despite four runs being scored from the last ball the Pakistanis lost by only two runs. Those three uncalled wides if called in the last over would have resulted in a win for Pakistan with three balls and a wicket to spare. shame ennit.

The Aus tour of Pakistan has been called off due to the political unrest in the Islamic republic, reminds me of the RAN Sailor not long back who stated "I cant go to the gulf war,I'm a married man"

Bravery is skin deep, Gutlessness goes down to the bone.

Post number 600, Vest Daily Gaggle.


WALLY said…
I agree with your info about Clarky the bingle banger bit of a mummies boy. dont look much of a leader
frog said…
dunno anything about cricket cant comment i would say like its weird eh.
rosemary said…
When people display anger and hatred in public and it is seen live on public broadcasting television, it can be percieved that the person is capable of performing the same hatred behind closed doors. hardly one to be seen as a loving listening family man with compassion, a cheat is a liar too and their friendship worthless.
Vest said…
My five sons from England living in Australia support the Australian cricket team, so do I except when the English Gentlemen play the degenerate Aussies.
The strange thing is I am now an Oz Cit and have been for thirty odd years, whereas my sons have remained British citizens.
Vest said…
Watching classic cricket catches five minutes ago, and Tony Grieg's classic statement.
"The important thing about catching a ball is having your hand in the right place".

I am aware the broadcaster Tony is an epileptic, but had no idea he was a knumbskull.
St kilda cricketer said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
I am not sorry St Kilda Cricketer that I had to delete your comment.
There are times when a comment containing a slice of humour slightly er sort of filthy may slip through but your spiel containing seven noxious words(shades of Bernard Manning)did not. You might check the cricket achives before you spout off again.
It was not Australia who gave England the biggest thrashing, it was England giving it to Australia within four days of play Aug 20-24, 1938. Sheduled five days of play were Aug 20, 21, 22 a rest day Sun 23, and resuming 24, 25. The result was was England 903 for seven declared beat the Aussies 201 and 123, by an innings and 579 runs.
Now go cry in your beer clever dick.
Ben Romero said…
Emily's mother too?
You're a rascal. A very lucky one.
What a wonderful book. I'm enjoying every page.
Vest said…
Ben Romero is the American author of the Chicken Beak series of books, great family reading for all ages. Ben is an ardent Catholic. however, ben enjoyed the spicey frollicking he discvered within Vests memoirs.
Click my pic for more info.
Jimmy said…
Bravery is skin deep, Gutlessness goes down to the bone.

a better one is
a hero is usually a brain washed fool
like the Jehadis

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