Remembering the easy on the ear Horse Opera's

The drawl of the Waynes Stewarts and other well known western heroes, spaghetti movies with Eastwood and co, plus the rusty roar and the bark of six guns, the old piano in the barroom belting out the well worn tune "Oh those golden slippers and being reminded of that common phrase by 'Zane Gray' "Meanwhile back at the ranch" you expected to pop up at any moment im his latest book. These movies are still being screened with the likes of old Hitchcock and Musical movies. These movies had what was referred to as background music, this was used to enhance the visual activity but not necessarily blot out the dialogue of the actors.
I am not alone in my opinion with regards to modern movies some are great to watch but to listen to is somemthing reminiscent of the Tower of babel, far too many people cackling at the same time and likened to an Irish parliament,no-one listening either,. Then when the drama gets hotter so does the background "Bang Clang' so called music, reading a synopsis of the plot sometimes helps. however, the best way to get around this problem is to record several movies in advance, then after a few minutes of wiewing you will get a good Idea how the rest will run.
I find mostly American movies and to a lesser extent some British movies fit this overriding noise facter when wiewing movies. One would find more gratification watching a firework display with a fag in one hand and a beer in the other.

Requested by C B.


woody said…
Great post mr Vest But you didn't spellcheck.
Rosemary said…
Hello Woody, or should I say smart ass.
My Hubby hasn't done too bad without the spell check, he like many others of his era had little formal education in the early thirties, apart to learn and respect one's elders imposed by the big stick.
It must have been the 'W' instead of a 'V'.
Debbie. said…
Just an update to say, I have just had a letter to say my recent scan results are good, there is no change from the previous one, so no operation needed yet:)
I have to go back in twelve months, providing I get no problems in the meantime, so this was the best news I could hope for.
Hope all is well with you all
Love Deb xx
Vest said…
Debbie: Aunt Rosemary and I are overjoyed at the news, we are certain you will have a great future, xxx.
WALLY. said…
I can't count the times my mum has told me to turn down the volume some of them yank films do create a mind bending racket.
frog said…
yeah USA movies tend to send out high noise vibes, it probably is different each take, it don't matter about the script especially that kung foo crap.
kate...fb. said…
Hi Woody, you did not spellcheck either; its Mr not mr you silly goose, anyway our Vesty can be excused cos of his age, ha ha ;))
Luvs ya vesty, Kate, xxx.

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