A Different sort of Plumbing

More revelations will unfold after tomorrows visit to the vascular surgeon. His request to see me follows my recent Peripheral arterial blood flow assessment.???Worry-worry. Ah well, coupled with that malady will be the findings of my visit next Monday to the tom tiddle doc for an assessment on my prostate; down in the nether regions, there has been some noteworthy discrepancies in the lower plumbing since that wretched drainpipe was inserted for use during and after my last Op 18-12-08. However, I feel OK and I'm not a-going yet. so there is no need to polish up your eulogies.
Today started off similar to the past couple of days 'Bloody HOT' with little respite but the air con lounge, we decided quite early today an absolutely minimal of unnecessary movement was on the cards until much to our surprise a Southerly (From the Antarctic) popped up about Midday giving me access to my office (Spare Bedroom)which is on the west wall in which the temp peaked around 48C yesterday. however, I am sitting without the fan on and a cool breeze rustling the curtains(Drapes) temp is now 23C and cool, although it may not register the same sort of Cool you unfortunate beings in the Nth-Hemisphere are experiencing.
As I said to my Aussie mate who got a gold card for serving overseas for three months and not coming in contact with the enemy (During WW2). I have to pay through the nose to get my problems fixed in a hurry or wait months & months. the docs here get top dollar for fixing Oz Born and bred vets over 70 or incapacitated. Unfortunately I am a second class AUS Cit, although I served in the Pacific during WW2 operating from Australia.
SALT in the Wounds...It is known that WW2 German Army servicemen emigrated to Australia in the late forties and became citizens after two years and the joined the Australian Army and served with Aus forces for up to a six month period during the Korean War 1950-1954.
Yes the same blokes who fought against us get a ^*#(#)^8 G gold card.
I have to get to bed early tonight for an early start tomorrow. I'll give you more news later. ta for now, Vest.


Chris said…
This is a test comment
Vest said…
I have had problems with comment for the past twenty four hours.
Now back to normal.

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