Facebook Outrage. From Italy's politicians.

Italian Politicians and Internet activists worldwide, condemn The use of Face book.
The so called social network Face book is currently being used for Antisocial Purposes.
Authorities have denounced a page on the social networking site Face book that calls for children with down syndrome to be used as target practice.
Police are trying to track down who set up the page, which features a down syndrome baby with the word 'Idiot" superimposed on it, and by it had attracted several thousand members.
The page proposed what it said was "An easy and amusing solution" to get rid of "These foul creatures" - use them as targets at shooting centres.
This sort of usage on Face book is unacceptable, and without doubt will encourage users with half a brain to promote more insidious activities.
Non Member, Vest. Read my profile on Face book. plus recent posts.


Anonymous said…
CHICAGO: A US Teenager convicted of blackmailing male classmates in Waukesha, Wisconsin was sentenced to fifteen years jail yesterday.
Anthony Stancl, 19, posed as a girl on FACEBOOK and tricked more than thirty male classmates into sending him naked photos of themselves, then used the photos to blackmail them for sex.
Bwana said…
hoping u love muslims as much as Saby loves dem
Gary Moore. Balmain. said…
SADLY, but predictably, the greedy health funds are at it again with premium rises.
In recent years, these funds with Federal Govt approval, have consistently raised premiums well above inflation rates.
Their behaviour is all the more appalling as they have a captive market courtesy of a taxpayer funded, non-means tested rebate to their members.
The private health funds slogan of taking pressure of the public health system comes at an unacceptable cost to ordinary Australians. If this is the year of health reform, as the PM suggests, then better regulating the excesses of these funds must be a component of the package of solutions. Ideological postering by the Fed Govt on this point must be seen for what it is, because it has little to do with making a more efficient and fairer health system.
Vest said…
Facebook shenannigans rear up again.
Are facebookers prone to unsolicited abuse or even worse. Again those people dear to me who have invited me to Facebook, thank you but no thanks, please read my profile.
A friend of mine back a bit had his so called friends close ranks on him to make his life untenable hell. So please accept my non participation. thank you.
Anonymous said…
I respect your reluctance to participate in Facebook. To myself and my circle of family and friends it is simply a casual means of keeping in touch.
With our busy lifestyles and moderate distance between us it is pleasurable to pass a bit of time with random comments, pictures and jokes to each other.
I agree that it also has a darker side to it but only if you choose to get involved, there are always going to be mindless morons forcing their opinions on others everytime you open a newspaper or turn on the TV but we all have the option to turn off and not get involved.
Facebook and the likes are here to stay, and so are the evil monsters who prey on the innocent whether it's via the internet, outside schools, within the family or any other institute where abusers are mistakenly trusted with our dear children.

Vest said…
Hi Uncle Les, yes it was me, are you going to publish it ? xx

----vest wrote:
> Hi Christine. Was it you who sent a thingy about Facebook overnight. Uncle L xx.

Done, no problem. Write more often.
In any case, unlike my dial you have a pretty face worth more than a passing glance.xx.
christine said…
You're such a charmer, you'll make me blush.
Hope all is well with you and Auntie Rose and all the family.
Love to you all xx

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