Anonymous Callers. Please read this before you call.

Vest said...
In future until further notice, all non bloggers meaning those without a blog site, may if they wish register their name or title with me as others have done already. Leave your name etc and email address and register before calling, this applies mainly to serial anony callers who use abusive dialogue within their comment, maybe Little Ben from Maitland should take note and also purchase a nose guard from your friendly sports store--gotcha you little fart.
Remember all calls with unacceptable content will be scrubbed.
Have a lovely day.

Friday, 22 August 2008 10:48:00 AM EST


Keshi said…
wut happened Vesty? U sound upset. Just ignore the SHITHEADS. Not worth ur time and energy.


Vest said…
I knew it would not take long until little small minded Ben the turd burgler from Maitland showed up. The word 'Idiot' has sealed your fate tosho. You Ben, like the Maitland twin head Toad, have this day forth become an Endangered
BTW, Ben I loved your song - ditty? What a sordid little charmer you must be, and a dunny doggerel artist no doubt.
Starts -- intro -- I'm Ben and I'm a Hen who loves Men -- so I'm a---
Funny little fellow I wear my sisters clothes
I dunno what you might call me
But I fink I'm One of Those.
Yes Ben, a fairy queen you are doth seem. P O.
Jimmy said…

annony mouse callers shud not be banned

it was an annonymouse caller
who told me Janice died

an annony mouse caller told me I suck
and he convinced me

annony mouse callers give u feedback

your friends will hesitate to tell u the unpleasant stuff

but the annony mouse dont give a damn for your feelings

they have no allegiance
Anonymous said…
Oh Vestie this is awful. Yes it's who you think it is, I'm not 'stalking' you lol but don't want to sign off on my name because of the...issues/stuff....that you're dealing with here.

My deepest sympathies. What is there about the internet that brings forth this kind of stuff?
Anonymous said…
Hi Vest, Ben must be a Brown Hat Man. In the Aussie Navy there were several titles you never hear of now, like, penis poacher, bum boy, the cable locker queen, and Knob dog to mention a few.
Have you heard about your tests yet?. Mike.
Jimmy said…

I spoke to Jugdar just yesterday
today I got a call
Jadugar is no more

Jadugar we called him
the guy had magic
always laffing

at himself and the world
when most guys wud have cried
he laffed

he was waiting to tie the knot
the girl didnt show up
he didnt laff then
he cried

but soon he got over it
and he laffed when he told the tale

jugdar was gullible
and employers, small business owners took adavantage

he was a Diploma Mech Engineer
his class mates became business owners

he continued working
making and Quality Controlling LPG Stoves

I tried to fix him up with Manikaka, a good employer
but he had to go

he had gone to Manikaka for interview
I told Manikaka he was hard working
and wud work 9 am to 9 pm
as he lived in dattatray Lodge just 100 metres from his factory

Manikaka told him to start work tommorow
but he didnt tell him
how mush he wud pay

Jugdar told me his dccision
he didnt want to work no more

he wud go to Gao Sholapur and work as a teacher
he loved to teach
he wud charge Rs 500 per month per student
Rs 2000 per month was sufficient for him

he had no vices no more
he didnt drink
he didnt smoke

and he didnt need sex
only the love of his bros their wives and children
but God had other plans for him
he had to go

Posted by Jimmy at 7:15 AM
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Anon 1. Gotcha, ok B, CA.
Thanks for calling. indicate if I got it right.
Jimmy said…
Anony mouse No.1
dont be a mouse
be a tiger

I think this old man is straight

correct me if i am rong
Anonymous said…
K begs of u to visit
but u r too damn lazy

I no u wont visit me too
so i am posting my posts here
Jimmy said…
~Just Me~ said...
I'm sorry too Jimmy. (((BIG HUGS)))

August 22, 2008 3:25 PM

Anonymous said...
I am sorry
I am glad

he died healthy
he worked till 8PM
the previous day with his old friend and employer

he went home and slept
and he never woke up
a massive heart attack took him
he died instantly
he did not suffer

The news was told to me by Anil the employer
Jugdar was broke
he borrowed some money from Anil to eat

He has no one in Mumbai
the police took him for post mortem
Anil is scared
he was the last person he met

Anil does not want to face the police
He has not come forward

he will not go home to Sholapur
he will be burned by the Bombay Municipality in a crematarium for the unclaimed bodies

Sholapur will not know
He has left no forwarding address
No telephone number in Sholapur

This is Gods will
Praise the Lord

body dont matter
his soul will live forever in our hearts

we worked together at my first job
in 1975, Jugdar, Gabby and me

we had good funn
Gabby introduced me to Doris, an elderly lady who tot me sex and loving
Doris took my cherry

Gabby died of cancer a long while back unmarried

Now Jugdar has gone too
mera number kab ayega?

August 22, 2008 3:53 PM
Vest said…
Deleted Anon caller note, read the rules, you may try again.
BTW. A lower deck lawyer In the Navy is deemed to be a person who knows all of the pertinant answers when certain pressure is applied to his kind by a higher authority. In your language meaning, A lower Caste shit stirrer. Have a meaningful day.
Vest said…
Jimmy: I shall decide who will be allowed to comment here. I suggest you return to your many blogsites. let's see - decontamination - a liberal shower of disinfectant may solve the problem.
Anonymous said…
Quite right Vest ... your blog, your call!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
consequences have occured
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said...
Dammit xxxxxx

its not his blog alone
its a public blog

we all come here for entertainment

Sunday, 24 August 2008 12:29:00 AM EST ( Censored and reposted)
Vest said…
For the eleven anon callers deleted at the first stage. read the rules and try again. You must leave a name to identify your individual comment, it simplifies the problem for my reply.
Vest said…
BC from Goulburn: I am not the least interested in your sordid remarks or your incestuous relationships, or why that crop in your celler may be on the wane.
So I have forwarded your address and IP to your local Fuzz, Requesting they help you out.
Your comment at 10:08 inst has been deleted.
You may call again, but please keep it clean.
Anonymous said…

without words

I love her verry much
she loves me too

but she never told me so
so how the xxxxx do I know?

the way she looks at me
the way she plays with me

she scratches my chest
bites my finger when I caress her

the way she tries to attract my attention
I am damn sure it is love

she does not speak english
she says only one word

but the way she says that word
tells me if she is hungry
if she wants to play

and the look in her eyes
when she says mmmeeowww softly

tells me it is Love
Posted by Jimmy
Rachel said…
Hm, I've never thought to put stipulations on my comments (anon or otherwise) but I guess I haven't blogged about topics that might cause foul language or utter disarray.

I just realized that you posted a comment over a year ago on a post of mine.

I'm returning the favor :)
Jimmy said…
No copyright here

my postings are all with the intent to share
what I have learnt during my 57 years on the planet

I wont live forever
neither will u

but I want your Dua
your blessings

formal education tot me Maths and Physics
and it didnt help me much in life

The ragging I received in college was a treasure
I got to accept me as I am

Google search and Blog surfing helped a lott
in my days Google search was not available and no net

and my choices in finding a mate were limited to my vicinity
and I made a bad choice

and I undid my mistake after 26 years
Jimmy said…
all is vanity

There is nothing new under the sun

whatever u want to say
it has already been said many years ago

whatever ideas u have
it is not new

whatever songs u sing
it has been sung better by earlier generations

I prefer to Google Search
rather than compose my own stuff
Jimmy said…
The ragging I received in college was a treasure
I got to accept me as I am

I was shy of my body
I was way too skinny
and my equipment was way too small

so they got me to strip
and made me look at my self in the mirror

and said Saby this is u
and then they messed with my mind

made me feel ashamed of my Catholic school upbringing

I knew John F. Kennedy and his speeches
but i didnt know the name of the Mahatma, the father of our nation

i cried in shame
Anonymous said…
this body of mine was designed by God
and manufactured by my mom and dad

this body was beautiful
until civilization happened

and the cosmetic industry of the MNCs
they got me to cut my hair and shave my face
so that thy cud sell hair lotion

and shaving creams
and after shave lotions

they also made me cover my body with clothing
to hide my body

but soon the skirts got shorter
and the cleavage deeper

and I am nude again

a thong bikini covers nothing

then they said I smell
they made me spray my armpits with the fragrance of skunks

an animal has each its unique smell
from her sweat and her genitals

and this smell is a turn on for her lover
but my lover now chooses to wash away the smell with soap and water
and spray her self with synthetic perfume

the MNCs and the docs wanted more
and so cosmetic surgery was invented

face lifts and breast lifts and nose jobs
and artificially enhanced mammaries
Keshi said…
Vesty all ur comments r there in my posts..just that if a post has over 200 comments, u hv to click on NEWER/NEWEST links and go to the 2nd page of comments. Ur comments and my replies to u r there :)

Rachel said…
Your fans await a new post :)
Vest said…
Keshi: Thanks, been over and had a dekko, ok, X.
Vest said…
ra ra ra rachel: Thanks for calling .
Post Done ok.X.
Davoh said…
.. being a pom (English) I should be given an extra quota of town water due to the assumption that most English people only bathe on a Saturday or the sabbath or to attend periodical social gatherings.

Heh, since the temperatures round the local vicinity have been a bit coolish of late, and the communal bathroom has no central heating ..

Thankfully there is no-one else to survive the odours.

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