SO WE HAVE COME TO THE END OF THE LOLLIPOP, there is very little sweetness left in the USA

Well that's it, I have battled my way out from the land of the free and gormless. and survived, but I have left many wounded yank bloggers behind. Apart from one groveling yank yes man all other male blogger have fled the scene from the tshsmom circus of washed out, end of run obsolete unemployable bludging female layabouts, If you are reading this, that is any of you mentioned, I shall not drag you down further as you deserve to be, as I am certain you will be having a few sleepless nights for a while.
Summer is is in the offing and there are warmer days ahead, I have received seven Xmas cards to date, and have 257 Cards to reply to from last year, plus I need more exercise and to spend more time on my feet. Seasonal charity functions will also eat into my time, there are so many young children in need at any time of the year although it hits harder during the Xmas period.
As from now until a time I shall mention later this Blogsite will be slowing down to a crawl. So tomorrow its off to the gym - weights, punching a few heads and so forth., plus the boat is set to be used extensively for charity fun trips.
So everyone have fun be nice to oneanother ta ta see you soon or maybe later. VEST.


Anonymous said…
You are one cool bastard vest and a nice old sod too cool to see an ancient old fart like your age in charge of his marbles come back soon. Mike ldl
Anonymous said…
You are one sick bastard.
Vest said…
Nothing like starting the day with a bit of name calling from someone obviously sicker than myself, its the bravery of an anonymous call from some yellow cowardly spineless no hoper that gives credibility to myself and defuses the situation.
Yes I am one sick bastard, however not in the manner I believe you suggest.
(1)I am partially blind and totally deaf in one ear, also I have raging tinnitus. I have a wonky right knee, and I am an asthmatic suffering from asbestos related pleurisy. however, I have full control of my faculties and being true pedigreed British and not a miscellaneously born out of wedlock (SEPTIC TANK) Yank, my superiority is obvious.
Below a re-run of my fave statement.

No one can be so calculatedly rude as the British, which amazes Americans, who do not understand studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute.
So finally. Somebody has to have the last word. If not, every argument could be apposed by another and we'd never be done with it.

Have a nice day, be nice and speak kindly of one another.
TA RA...Vest.
Anonymous said…
I believe I have discovered the existence of 'Snow White's eighth Dwarf. There was Bashful,Doc,Dopey,Grumpy,Happy, Sneezy,and Sleepy. But number eight is alive and kicking in Minnesota, who else could it be but.

Vest said…
Stanley: That was not nice, a Smack on the wrist for that cutting remark, whether it is true or false.
BTW would your surname be Knife or something similar?.

Exercise, 500 on the treadmill 4klms on ex bike + bending and stretching, results = Knackered, enough for one day.
Have written 11 cards, about 240 more to do.
Vest said…
Kate F B: not sure what happened to your comment, tried to publish, didn't want to go anywhere. still stuck in In Box. Try again. Don't forget Thursday 6 pm presentation.
Lord Sedgwick said…
Shall keep checking back on the off chance you're back keeping the young bastards honest.

A few more seniors leaving the service (ancient poor cigarette pun fully intended - despite my better judgment) and I'll be floating to the top of the pile of irascible and confused geriatric bloggers.

Remember, me old full metal waistcoat, always speak softly but carry a big snark.
Anonymous said…
Hi vestie, Mum read your email and she looked on your blog its in comments from north America and I never sent it , it looks suss to me, what do you reckon, will ring about thurs tonight about 6pm ok luvs ya kate xx
Vest said…
I was called away when your comment came through, silly me. I should have known the idiolect was just not fitting for you.
I have nailed it down to a none too bright dissident blogger named Kate the unwashed from sticks-ville in Minnesota, Unclesamland; who is a limelight seeking pain in the groin, and, who recently got her comeuppance from me. Just another farking septic loser. see ya xx
Anonymous said…
Just popped back for a quick gander on tshsmom. her coven of bedraggled witches are still feeling the humiliation vest administered to them recently, their timid whimpering is indicative to hoping vest has gone for all time.
A pic of an old hags bum is the latest offering on the tshsmom blog, comments relating to color, size, smell and farting velocity of individuals dung droppers are coming in. whatever next?
Anonymous said…
Vest dear man, Why do you continue to have dealings with these awful people.
I am so pleased that you liked the content of my email, your approval will bring another for you soon. Bye. Janet.
Jim said…

u too VEST
and stop baiting americans
Vest said…
Saby, I personally do not celebrate thanksgiving, and further more could not care a monkey's arsehole about you tshsmom and whoever else I wish to alienate
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Saby: This is for your benefit and the other bloggers who over the past few months have infiltrated unsuspecting bloggers by using aliases and other devious means, IE Yourself, Tshsmom, Puggs, Michele and your other dozen clones.
So far none of you 'Gutless Clowns' have come forward to refute my claims over the last month or more, so it must be assumed you are all guilty as charged.
Vest said…
Apart from five persons on the Nth American list with whom I have no quarrel, the remainder who include my main detractors Tshs, smee tee hee, dogface er doll?, fat druggo nancy, pot smoking sadie the anti alcohol christian and dimwitted minor contenders, most qualify as pseudo Christians, obscene foulmouthed bone idle sympathy seeking back stabbing inveterate drug taking liars.
I have said my last goodbyes to this bunch of fat unemployable yankee tarts, who no doubt will continue to pillory me in my absence.
This past week I have received 22 offensive Obscene calls which were rejected, thereby comment moderation will remain for a while
Jim said…
u sure have the hottz for tshsmom
dont u ?

i just been there

she went teehee
when i suggested it
Jim said…
tshsmom dont have comment moderator
u have

tu aadmi hain
ki pajama ?
Vest said…
Saby you poor old Indian shit stain, I received the E mail from Keshie; that on top of your Aids problem you now have a dose of raging Syphilis.,So what now asshole?
Saby your tshs comment was deleted.

Moderator keeps your comments clean, as you have learned saby.
Your sentence in 'Hindi' did not make any sense , Why do you call yourself an IDIOT.
Anonymous said…
Hi vestie so you are slowing down during the festive season, dont you get pissed off being insulted by that mob of old broads in the states who are slower than snails on bennies and are would be chicken milkers, ill ring thurs or frid,ok.

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