ARE YOU AN OVERWEIGHT FAT SLOB? Well, you have only yourself to blame

GLUTTONY and gorging yourself on the wrong foods you eat, mainly caused by ignorance, laziness and boredom, is the obese persons path to an early demise.
A DIET of processed meat, full fat dairy products and fried foods is fuelling the worlds growing rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.
Although Australia is high up the charts internationally, It is in America and Canada where the problem is at its greatest peak, and 25% more, the highest proportion of the porky population are women over 20 years of age- 70% of those are fatties. so men if you are looking for a Nth AM partner; particularly Caucasian, its 4 to i on she is a fatso.
Most people totally ignore the recommended eating habits, men generally have the poorest diets, with fewer than 5% eating the recommended Minimum of five vegetables per day, but counter this by having more exercise and some a physical work program.
Women on the other hand tend to be taking trips to the pantry more often than men.

NOT ENOUGH VEGETABLES. Just 7.5 per cent of adults eat five or more servings per day.

NOT ENOUGH FRUIT. Only 52 per cent eat two or more servings per day.

THE WRONG MILK. 45 per cent of adults only drink full cream milk.

NOT ENOUGH BREADS. Only 10 per cent of adults eat more than four servings per day.

TOO MUCH FRIED POTATO. 21 per cent of adults eat them at least once per week.

TOO MUCH PROCESSED MEAT PRODUCTS. Including sausages , meat pies, pizzas, Frankfurt's, salami, Bacon and Ham. 62 per cent eat them at least once a week World wide, but America and Canada the figures are 85 per cent more than twice per week.

It seems that Middle aged women in Canada & the USA consume more Pork products than any where else in the world, Their taste for Bacon recipes is becoming widespread, which in turn leaves little doubt why their backsides are also widespread. posted by vest.


Jim said…
my prob is dat i am skinny
i need to put on weight

about 20 kg more
i am grossly underweight

Please convey my love to the lovers PUGS and Melinda
Vest said…
Saby: I suggest you take up this increase your weight method.
For Saby to become a Sumo wrestler.

Brekky: One 650gram loaf of white bread spread with 250grams of trans fats, Coffee with full cream milk & 12 tspns of white sugar.

Lunch: 1 kilo of pasta boiled in 500mls of Whale oil, six cream buns.

Dinner: Thick greasy soup with Suet dumplings.
Six 'No frills meat pies, 4 potatoes,1 can of baked beans.
six bananas with one litre of Thickened cream, Two pints of Guinness.
Supper: 4 oz cheese 4 oz salami, 1 meat pie and Two slices of toast and peanut butter.
The alternative is to O/D on appetite depressant tabs for 1 week and be long gone soon after.

(2)Do your own conveying sport, Who's melinda?
Vest said…
Tips to save on food purchases.
Check prices beforehand, then take only enough cash for your shopping and leave cr/cards at home.
Aways shop on a full stomach.
Never take children shopping.
Leave Wife at home minding the children and mowing the lawn.
Anonymous said…
Little wonder they yank broads need size 48 red cotton flannel knickers with galvanized gussets.
I love that one.
Vest I'm down in tassie for a week and its freezing here, 10cel.
Vest said…
ldl: ...Kinel it was 45cel here 4 weeks ago into spring and Strewth now its tiddling down and 14cel only 4 weeks to go to summer
Jim said…
u will have to lend me your food store if i am to eat all dis stuff

u got a real huge belly
i bet u can only do woman on top
after u wear a tummy tuck in belt
Jim said…
PUGS has gott only one lover who he calls my friend M and she says likewise

he hasnt progressed from first base yet

Anonymous said…
How dare you insult Americans, I shall send a formal letter of complaint to The Hon John Hunt your Prime Minister.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie will you be going to the club tues Melb- cup day, if so which one. been up for odi v the west indies- pissing down with rain at the wankhede stadium in mumbai, going to bed ,who the ---- is john ----hunt
Vest said…
USA Christian: Not clever, old joke, heard it many times.

Izzy Dave: I believe I told you on Fri last I had an appointment with a specialist in Toukley Tues 2.30 pm. the race will be over by the time I get to the club, not all that exciting-geegees-can't turn up at the clinic smelling of turps either.
BTW, where did you sleep last night, you are not answering your house phone.(remember you can use E mail for more personal info).

Ok, the answer is. "No that is not the Prime Ministers name but you were close"
Also Dave I thought you were Jewish, you know you cant become an American Christian just because you like pork sausages.

Saby: Did you tell me once you were the cleaner at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai or Bombay? if so, the last report is; its flooded and choked with paper and banana skins.
How do you pronounce the word 'Wankhede'?
Vest said…
SABY: Would you be good enough to stop quoting me on other persons blogsites, for example, I have none and do not send out porno material to any source, as you suggested. thank you.
Jim said…
its the same pronouncing as WANK
wat u do all day
Jim said…

i just posted yr impersonation of PUGS and TSHMOM to both
Anonymous said…
USA Christians SUCK
Vest said…
saby what you do all day.
I can only assume The term You would mean those residing in India, I can hardly imagine you surviving even two minutes of fornication, you seem to be lacking substance in all departments.

Saby: Impersonation is your hallowed dept, you are the king of guile and deceit with your numerous misc aliases. I also do not communicate with that pommy gay git puggs, as for T S it is not easy trying to communicate with her dogmatic block head.

Saby, I will assume. it is your comment USA CHRISTIANS SUCK.

"SUCK WHAT". Take a Holiday
Vest said…
It seems that the pestilence of the blog world is at it again, stirring the bucket, grovelling his way into the minds of his unsuspecting victims of his nauseating, plotting to destroy or send them screaming bonkers.
saby's latest ploy is a love overture to a haggard old middle aged bimbo who hails from Minnesota, Uncle Sam Land. Yes, indeed, the silly old tart is in love, and has not deleted his love message. My message to saby is, the hags hubby "Has to" under sufferance, why you. are you devoid of feeling or is your sight fading, maybe saby is from another planet where ugliness is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
It is all too rare today to hear the clear clean ring of a really good original insult.
Anonymous said…
Yours is a business ploy vest, no doubt about it. A person whose business is to be talked of, is helped quite a lot by being attacked.
Vest said…
Ah; well said indeed, and by a thinking American,'Not many of them around'.
Anonymous said…
The general consensus is, that Americans have their own God given right to push their ideals into our faces, as a result get pissed off when we reject them,they then counter with heavy handed methods of bullying us with their vast store of weaponry and a barrage of abusive language. I say 'Long live the free world without American domination. Abdulla.
BTW--anyone who eats pork will be reincarnated as a Pig and be eaten.
Anonymous said…
I gotta confess I read Tshs blog often, but reading your controversial ramblings on is far more enlightening than the daily posting of progress in the garage building industry.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
mr scrunch let me make it clear too.
ts has been bagging me for months over sinister calls by people now known to be SABY and his aliases also pugs and a michele, friends of saby who did there best to undermine me. All what was required was a scapegoat. The accusations flowed in my direction - the scapegoat, Ts opened up with LIAR and other garbage and the enraged mob of female followers waved the mob banner(nothing new - lynch mobs with guns in america. (I am spelling america with a small a so to remind me of the small mindedness I have encountered in yankland)continue---So i took up the challenge in a big way, much to the distress of those bad losers who dish it out and have no comprehension of losing and cry "Foul" when losing the plot.
I did what I had to do protect the innocent and underdog and succeeded in getting you lot pretty 'Pissed' Off as the say in foulmouthed Christian america.
Not much point in continuing this minor war, despite being outnumbered your mob lost but no one won. Good bye have a lovely freezing winter, go and build a garage or something to keep yourselves occupied.ta ra.
Vest said…
My Moniter has packed in, I am using an older spare - having visual problems, I shall not be posting for awhile until monitor is replaced neither shall I be visiting. Gordon,Zed, LDL,Izzy,Kate, And others who call here , E mail me.
Vest said…
Abdullah. Where do you hail from? I would like you to return so we may discuss points of equal interest.

Saby. The Moriarty of the blog world. I am now in the process of planning something special for you.'despite what happens between now and Jan 17 07 when I shall be visiting GOA with two sons (up to two weeks stay in India)You had better get some overtime in on that prayer mat of yours, its the only hope you have left Asshole.
Anonymous said…
Interesting that the buddha, the fattest man on the planet, died of pork poisoning.
Anonymous said…
Hi vestie--nice to be first on your list. didn't pick the winner-- only down ten bucks.sodding jap nag won --hey whats all this American christian stuff--iv'e been reading in the paper about JIMMY SWAGGAT and JIM BAKKERand now a TED HAGGARD gets caught out-- cant keep there cocks under control, see ya
Vest said…
Thank you Gordon. It reminds me of the unpardonable sin doctrine, if you were not a Christian you were burned at the stake. About the same period Christians in gun toting america were hanging people who had adopted unchristian habits as Witches. Then there was another small minded Christian racist. american, senator McCarthy witch-hunting colored communists in 65. To follow we had the american Grease burger floggers spreading fat dripping junk foods world wide Colonel mint julep and Ronald Mac-fries, these rogue operators have spread obesity world wide and should be chased back to the land of the Fat and Free; now that the fag flogging american baccy companies are going to the wall.
Anonymous said…
I am from the land of the free as you so graciously remarked, but I now live in Australia. To add another string to your Bow, the Frezing state of Minnesota has or did have a large fat professional Wrestler as its governor.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
the ugly american
i agree with abdul
Vest said…
wow that was real cool , not a good insult but you are improving, leave your name next time you call, have a nice day, loser xxxx

losers always lose the plot become enraged and reply with blasphemy.poor demented souls

Get well soon.
Vest said…
Vest said…
Abdullah: Thank you for your emailed information. Bagging me as a f......g Christian ba.....d was not nice of you, and the other verbal garbage was nothing but pure racial hatred.
I replied to you by email so to avoid any contamination on this site; even by myself. Although you may not comprehend my message in its entirety, I gained a great deal satisfaction from being able to use certain expression that I learned while serving in the British Navy.
I am not Interested in discussing the finer points of the faith industry; Its past failings are abysmal and its projected promises are impractical and without substance.
This is the last word on the matter.
Anonymous said…
vest some words you say are not good as well you must be wicked to not believe in god/ and now I am Not swearing.
Vest said…
Don't think for one moment that you alone have (A god) given right to abuse people, I have a glossary of words which would make Alla convert to Christianity and kiss the bible. Don't bother to Email me again or comment here for that matter; you will be wasting your time. Shove off.
Vest said…
It has just gone 6am, a damm great cockroach must have come through the window and crawled over my face, yuk. The cockroach is now deceased and has gone to cockroach heaven, "Down the toilet",I am wondering "Did Alla send it".

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