On top of a long list of Judges, magistrates, public figures and other well heeled silver tails, caught speeding, drunk driving, toilet crawling and engaging in misc sordid sexual activity, we have an inexhaustible list of govt representatives clamouring to get their name in print. The following list only represents the small minority of those who are caught.

Premier Morris Iemma is recorded calling cross city Tunnel CEO Graham Mulligan a'Fu k Wit', Not knowing he was being taped at the time of the offensive remark.

Roads minister Eric Roosendaal Used the bus lane while in his ministerial car, the next day he is caught making an obscene finger gesture to liberal MP Melinda Pavey in Parliament.

New labor recruit Peter Breen is forced to Quit (a big Cover up) this will surface soon.

Tony Stewart forced to quit as parliamentary sec for police and utilities after being caught drink driving.

Planning minister Frank Sartor, tells Aboriginal leader Mick Mundine to 'Get off his black ass' an interview on an indigenous radio station.

Local govt Minister Kerry Hickey caught driving at 145 kph in a 100 zone, in the same area as a 16 yr old was killed in a speed related crash. It was Hickey's 4th speeding offence as a member of parliament.

Carl Scully sacked as police minister after making improper reports into the race riots in Cronulla He is no longer expected to be a contender for the leadership of the party.

Attorney General Bob Debus announces he is quitting state politics to run for a federal seat. Two days later his Anointed successor Naomi Parry is dumped after The Daily Telegraph revealed she said Premier Morris Iemma had "All the charisma of a wet cat". Rural Fire Chief Phil Koperberg is frantically recruited to replace her the same day.

Port Stephens candidate Aaron Beasley arrested for drink driving after crashing his car. This is troubling the labor party as he is the only person nominated for his seat in parliament(A bit similar to Tim Pawlenty the Gov of Minnie ha ha land USA)He too is a wanker.

It has now been revealed that Koperberg the fire chief had an AVO taken out against him by his ex wife, he is now the victim of a smear campaign suggesting he harassed a staffer of a former State Governor.

The Govt is plunged into crisis when Aboriginal Affairs minister Milton Orkopoulos is arrested and charged with 30 counts of child sex assault, soliciting prostitution, drug supply and underage homosexual sex.

Another labor party figure a close associate of Orkopoulos MP Bryce Gaudry was aware of these allegations last year when warned by a Newcastle mother that Orkopoulos was involved with her son.

Just the tip of the Iceberg.

The above named persons are not a minority within the ranks of our leaders but a small percentage of those who get caught.


Anonymous said…
Hi man we have dudes like yours too only a lot worse as some even kill people to win recognition, peace to you man Jedro
Anonymous said…
our federal members are also little better.
Anonymous said…
That last Greek guy needs to be hung by his testicles.
Vest said…
Lastest news from ABC Newcastle, NSW, Australia,5PM.

MILTON ORKOPOULOS Labour Govt M P for Swansea NSW, was found slumped in his car, parked on the Pacific Highway close to the Tall Water tank near Newcastle NSW. He was flown to the Mater Hospital in Sydney, suffering from a possible drug overdose.
Anonymous said…
hang the greek christian bastard
Anonymous said…
At this point in time I am not represented in the state govt of NSW Aus. What alternatives do I have now Milton Orkopoulos has resigned, and presumably attempted suicide?. Amy Jenkins.
Vest said…
Sorry about the delay in replying-PC problem. I am also busy arranging a reception (party) for my aged shipmates whom I served with during WW2 on the 40,000 ton Battleship 'HMS King George V' in the Atlantic, MED and Pacific.

Stanley and Abdulla: This is Australia, where we should be doing the right thing that is, not presuming people are guilty before judgement is passed by authorised Judicial persons.
My favourite newspaper and your selves have no right to fan the flames despite the likelihood that the person is showing symptoms of guilt, it is a subjudice period and out of court decisions by ill informed Red necks is punishable by law.
However in America some gun slinging redneck Bone heads particularly in Minnesota still love the occasional hang drawing and quartering of their detractors. These simple minded rural neanderthal people live in country ghetto's and most are related to one another.

Abdullah: It obvious that you intend to offend each time you comment, so you will in future be deleted.
Vest said…
Amy: Are you a first timer here? if so - welcome.

Your question answered: Telephone The Milton Orkopoulos constituency office; There are staff available to take your calls. Best of luck, please call again.
Anonymous said…
So nice of you to reply.
The MP's office was taking more calls than was usual.
You are quite controversial from what I am reading in your comments, interesting, so shall call back later. If you require more personal information please let me know. Amy.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
labor staffer, Patrick John roughan has been charged on sex deviation also the MP P Denham is under close scrutiny too.
Anonymous said…
Patrick John Roughan is also the brother of Katherine Knight and the father of James Patricj Roughan in Brisbane. As Ugly Betty says "you do the math". This is one sick family.

Anonymous said…
PMprYT The best blog you have!
Anonymous said…
Dlw43z write more, thanks.

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