Wednesday, 15 November 2006




Vest said...

TO TSHSMOM in minnesota usa. My favorite detractor.
Your visits to the Fountain of Wisdom should be resumed poste haste, as it seems your Do-Nut is running out of jam.

Vest said...

The tshsmom blog site carried a comment from a professional female who goes by name of 'vancouver voyeur' who bagged me for the inclusion of a optional read only, inhumane slaughter house scene, then added insult to injury by deliberately posting a Bacon Fest scenario, The insensitive remarks that followed from her coven of middle aged bacon chomping Bimbos in Nth America, was hardly caring or motherly which is a dominant factor found in normal women, even though the victims of their donkey brained remarks were pigs or other slaughtered animals, it showed them as having a dismal uncaring attitude.
Vancouver voyeur: Feeding your Teen aged son constantly on pork and its by products will promote bloating of the Gut and a general feeling of lethargy, this explains why this product of an indulgent lifestyle is so unkempt and fearful of showering and Brushing his teeth does not use deodorant; as you explained on tshsmom.I suggest you and a few others commenting on that post who have these problems, you should top up on your parenting skills, set an example, By saying, "Hi son I am taking a shower because I smell and you should as well as you smell real bad"
tshsmom: Stated on her blog, she had a hard time getting herself bathed, so it was not right to nag her family members to wash or shower.

Imagine the scene. An old Minnesotan woman in winter, dressed in her size 48 red woolly bloomers, with galvanized gussets under three layers of bearskins in hibernation for several weeks before showering. crikey!!! Wotapong. Industrial strengh BO Yuk Yuk Yuk.

lower deck lawyer said...

I see you are still at it, you just dont give in mate. Ive been to tshsmom again, can't give them much credibility. Try carving their effigies in wood, if you can find a tree thick enough.

gordon said...

Sharon and me reckon your too funny for words--just finished work in the bakery got to get some sleep-- who is that lower deck lawyer bloke?

Vest said...

Gordon: From what he told me, he is a product of the RAN living in Sydney. Hence the lower deck thingy.

Anonymous said...

You are a psycotic nut.
Take care of your own
country's problems.
Stay out of the USA
business the greatest
country in the world.

You demented zombie

Vest said...

Well well , I really must have got up the nose of Mr Anonyrat the previous devious Anonymous caller, From the cut of his tongue he is exposed as 'dirtcrashr' the grimy mouthed gun idolising pig who indulges himself with guns as toys to bring excitement to his selfish brain. An Adolf Hitler remake if given the chance to lead the fast becoming Fascist america (small a)in its present bid to dominate the world.

No one can be as calculatedly rude as the British(My heritage), Which amazes Nth americans, who do not understand studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute.

Penis isme said...

vest, maybe Mr blog name [dirtcrasher] has run out of bullets for his Middle Leg, in that situation I can help him.

Vest said...

Penisime, very funny indeed.

Alternatively [dirtcrasher] should be given a large jar of Vaseline for his rectal penetration. you see, I have been given secret info that [dirtcrashr] is a gun loving BUMBOY and pedophile.

gordon said...

Strewth vestie you know how to dish out insults where its deserved-- ...kinell that one about the vassy was about right, Gud onyer mate.

stanley u s a said...

The U S is the land of the giants, where the consumption of fats is a life style and quantity rules.
The U S is becoming a third world nation of credit seeking fatties.

manhood said...

American white man have small Penis white girl like black penis better

Vest said...

When my brother and I were small kids? My brother was called kransky and I was called polony, In comparison our friend Roger was called 'Chipolata'

stanley usa said...

it was reported in your fav news paper wednesday that Rupert Murdoch the news magnate had stated America had become the most hated country in the world.

stanley usa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
janet uk. said...

ANONYMOUS. How odd to name vest a psycotic nut and inform him he should be leading his country.
Now I shall presume such is the criteria for your leader in the U S of A. Your president is detested far more than Adolf Hitler ever was.
Non blogger Janet, Derby, UK.

Vest said...

I have been reading with disbelief that, persons who portray themselves as forward thinking intelligent people and I refer to those bloggers who have commented on the INFAMOUS 'tshsmom' poison pen blog in America, who were so uninformed about the pitfalls of the credit card and money lending industry in the USA.
Most of the people commenting were whining that they were broke and could not get further credit or stated they were being ripped off.
From my observations over the past few months this bunch of boring old biddies have whined about just everything possible, family, friends, children, their drug abuse, workplace and more and are totally convinced the rest of the world owes them a living. The majority of these people have not reached retirement age, some I believe will not get there either, the rest live in hope that some revolutionary political person will come to power and find a magical solution for their woes and live forever that Shangrila existence, but it isn't going to happen is it?
The way to success is to get off your fat ass get motivated and stick to your GUNS. However, it is doubtful any good will come to these people and millions of others like them if they follow their present path and 'Kowtow' to asshole Bush type gung ho fascist leadership. which will inevitably drag America to third world banana republic status. If I thought it would do some good I would pray for you bunch of losers, but I am not.

zed said...

it would seem that[ dirtcrashr ] the the short and stumpy gay gun lover has gone to ground like a simpering wimp. holding his wee little winkle in shame.
Type this in your browser for help.

Vest said...

Fresh in from the minnie haha country, Rainier in Uncle Sam Land. or U S niffmy Ass Nth AMERICA.
Due to inclement weather conditions, the boring shed builders have ceased hammering and the social gatherings have ceased too. the wizened old squaw hag and two mates 'Two dogs Bonking' and 'Fly on the meat' are busy building the dung fire in their shack; reminiscent of a farting great Mars bar with windows. it is evident from their constant scratching with long handled [imported from china back scratchers] That the dormant lodgers in their bearskin coverings are restless which is making the wearers, irritable. In the corner of this hovel is displayed a picture of a crumpled ass section of a pair of jeans, no no! this is not so, the truth is, an aged wrinkled witch doctor, formerly named Diana (the god of ugliness)now goes by the monnicer warthog-dolls face, explained, due to her beauty, tshs refused to allow her to be included into that picture, which she explains is a composite image of the faces of tshs and her snotty nosed disciples, the larger wrinkles were extracted from a nude pic of Vancouver's flaps.
Hence as it is said, "Ugliness goes down to the bone".
For viewing of this whiffy pic go to tshsmom. Have a wonderful day, Vest.

kate from budgewoi said...

Looks like the ol hag gived you the bums rush.that old man a hers looks handy to have round.snugglin in the bareskins sounds like fun.

Vest said...

The previous comment title was plagiarised by a blogger from America her title is (tshsmom).
Kate from Budgewoi is a personal friend of my family and has been informed.

tshsmom, if you have returned for a quick squiz, you are reminded that, you have committed a serious blogging offence, get that into your thick Indian Squaw head. Vest.

Vest said...

This is to say "Thank you nice Ladies" for your Email messages of support, to the four overseas ladies who dared to support me during the recent fiasco in Nth America

janet uk. said...

Sitting here alone reading an a/c of your wanderings. A thinking person and very observant of life around you, gets me to thinking if only I could be substituted for any or all of your lovers, oh what bliss! your self reliance and affectionate tributes you pay to your former lovers is a priceless statement that only a man with true human values would hold.
email for you will follow soon,
Janet, Derby UK

Vest said...

Janet: Beautiful memories can never be erased, these wonders of the past have a habit of not returning, but remembering them brings back the warmth and love that never
leaves us.

Thank you Janet for your email message, so warm sensitive and revealing. A reply has been sent on to you. Hmm.

lower deck lawyer said...

Ok vest, reveal all, what did that delightful Janet tell you, come on now no excuses.

Vest said...

L D Lawyer: Let it suffice for me to say her further summary of my wanderings as she put it; certainly raised my testosterone levels. However, I can assure you it was certainly in the same vein that I am certain you would have expected it to be.

A small snippet might be forthcoming, in addition to my book should you send a mo or cheque for AUD$26.50 to J,L Spencer Publications, PO BOX 250 Budgewoi, NSW. 2262 Australia.
U S A & CAN & rest of world =U S A$29.50, Signed copies.

Unsigned copies USA$21.95 plus shipping , from publisher or Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I'm Ann,
from Singapore,
and I'm 17 y.o

Hi, Girl and Boy
I've studied English sinse Summer .
It's very!
I would like like to meet peple and practisice My English with them.


Vest said...

Ann : Thank you for your comment. I am afraid I do not do tutorals, only comments of common interest, I can reccomend a nice person you might wish to communicate with, this will get you to her blogsite.
look on my next comment.

Vest said...

Ann: Type the name of this blogsite on Google, which will get you there.

Aggie's Place.

As I said before this is one Nice Lady.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
janet. Derby, U/K said...

I am going to Cyprus for Christmas holiday, and so I wish you the best of the season and all those you love. I shall email you later xxx, Janet. Derby, UK.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said...

Thank you tshsmom for your filthy obscene comments, deleted per the rules of fair play

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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JohnBraun said...

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An interesting rerun.

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