I am not an unforgiving person just for the sake of some past comments which raised the ire and left me stumbling for a retalliatory reply, you win some and in most cases lose more.
I have recently spoken to an English gent who six months ago stirred the bucket on a well subscribed USA Blog Site, his clash of opinions resulted in his being excommunicated big time to say the least. Recently he; according to the rules of blog play in Uncle Samland, Had the temerity to post a comment so as to say "Hello septics I am still in circulation; do you remember me", it seems they did. A few caustic remarks and a drop dead pal deletion by the blog owner, whom I consider most times to be a forthright person; sent him on his way.
Verily it doth seem, the rant of the hypocrite may have been hard to swallow, but his cant of criticism has left the blog owner in torment.I sometimes wonder who won that war of words .
The English gent in question (an actor of sorts , among other attributes) has now achieved his goal; a well paid job with radio AUNTY( BBC), and I hope it does not end there, I say good luck to him, Although I too was not of his opinion six months ago, I have sent my best wishes to this former prodigal blogger.


Anonymous said…
Hiya vesty you old son of a gun--Zed has been out three days now he has a lot to say about the slammer jail-- you could soon here from him-- i am living with my girl friend and she wants to be married to me-- what do you mean by septic have you spelled it wrong like sceptic-- see ya
Vest said…
A double dilemma Gordon and Zed, Oh dear oh dear.
Gordon, your familiarity with me is out of order, try to keep it to vest or vesty if you wish, its bad enough that you minions in serfdom are now learning to read and write what next will you want, if the Lord of the Manor hears about it you will more than likely be burned at the stake, so just watch it mate. I will send you a wedding present on confirmation of your nuptials; wedding for your info, pleased to hear your friend has been released from the prison hospital,and thank you for your Email.
Now I'm in real strife. 'SEPTIC', London cockney slang; short for Septic Tank meaning 'YANK.
I am flattered.

I'm off tomorrow on The Big Adventure so I shan't be around for a while but when I return I shall visit as often as I can.


Anonymous said…
Go and get fucked you slimey limey
Vest said…
Good morning bloggers the world over. I have just risen from my bed after a restless night due to my several physical afflictions I am often tormented with uniting with a vengeance. After a hot cupper and a trip to the dunny I am feeling a lot brighter. Casting my eyes out of my b/r-office window I see a clear blue sky and beautiful sunshine, the wind has dropped and altogether it seems to be a pleasant day, except for one thing the 'HATE" mail has arrived.

Anon real American, what a charmer you seem to be, are you really a true reflection of all Americans? I would doubt it, however it is my wish that, whoever you are; you get well soon, a visit to your friendly trickcyclist might help and if all systems fail try euthanasia. Have a nice day.

I will not delete the previous comment for obvious reasons. vest.
Anonymous said…
hello real American- if you are what you say you are , well God help America and all who sail in her.
Back again vest- see you on friday.
Vest - Real American is a troll. Just move along and don't feed the troll. Or just delete it, as I delete my troll. ;)
Anonymous said…
m6oXPW write more, thanks.

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