' ROSEMARY' FOR REMEMBRANCE, This traditional herb is worn by Australian veterans on Anzac day

Its that time of the year again when Hubby tosses away his old shirt and jeans image, cleans his shoes brushes down his best bib and tucker namely his black Blazer and conventional strides, pins on his collection of campaign medals- one in a high order bracket, to spend most of what is known in Australia as "ANZAC DAY" Which is for those living elsewhere the major war commemmoration day in Australia which coincides with the gallipoli landing in Turkey April 25 1915 WW1. Anzac day draws in all other known conflicts involving Australians, and of course British Commonwealth ex service veterans too, which includes hubbies dear friends and former shipmates he served with up to 63 years ago, there are only a handful left but hubby is in constant touch with them all and meets with them several times a year as well as the occasional final farewell. Hubby served on the 40,000 ton Brit Battle Ship (HMS KING GEORGE V Which had a hand in sinking the BISMARK) in various parts of the globe as well in the pacific with the American naval forces , although based in Australia ww2, and now an Australian cit, he has been deemed not Australian enough for a medical benefits gold card, bet our PM little johnny chicken hawk gets one. the asshole.
It was in the early 70s when we first attended an Anzac day celebration, it was late in the day and by the time that we arrived most people were boozed up to their eyeballs, Hubby was asked dont you have medals to wear by an over officious goon, hubby replied he was sorry to be late as he had his employment factor and five kids to feed to consider and would he help him pin his gongs on," sure" said the goon who was embarrassed to see hubby out stripped goons collection of medals by five"Where's your sprig of Rosemary "asked the goon to hubby, I then spoke up to the goon,
" Here I am, My hero lover and favorite person brings me to the club every week not just annually Boofhead" Hubby smiled and I pushed my way through the drunks and bought hubby a cold beer.
Vests Wife, ROSEMARY.


Contrary to popular opinion, Gallipoli was Mel Gibson's finest moment. Love that movie and just saw it at Fry's (a big chain store that sells computer stuff but also sells DVDs), so I'll be purchasing it soon.

I remember Mel and his best friend were Australians.

One of the saddest movies I've ever seen. If you've never seen it, please do, and let me know what you think.
tshsmom said…
That was a really sweet post Rose!
Hello you old bastard, thanks for stopping by!

Sorry to hear that it's getting dull on Zombie Slayer's blog but if I post on there he deletes it.

Little point in debate when you have censorship.

Ta ra!
Angelique said…
That was beautiful, Rosemary. Sounds like Vest is one lucky man and it sounds like you two are still very much in love.
Vest said…
Angelique: Life is the Flower of which Love is The Honey.
Vest said…
Now within the depths of my winter, I have finally learned that within me lies an invincible summer.
Jeannie said…
Thanks for dropping by.
Nice post Rosemary.
Hmmm, they could never get away with that in the US - not giving citizens benefits. Even the illegal immigrants are fighting for their rights for things that have, in the past, been reserved for people who are here legally. :-/
Vest said…
Notta:The gold card provides 100 per cent benefits for war veterans who served in a Australian unit in a hostile enemy enviroment. many people like my self for instance were based in Australia for replenishment and other logistics, but never for more than two weeks at a time, and only twice and the last after the war for repairs so to enable the ship to return to the U/K. many Brit navy men returned to Australia, some have lived here 60 years as Australian Cits, myself 35 years. It would appear that although our presence here was for the benefit of Australia and we were welcomed by the general public as a whole, successive Aus /Govts argue that we were not an Australian unit, yet most Australian ships Whose crews are now gold card owners were deployed in low risk operations ie , escorting supply ships which never came under threat at any time by delivering the logistics to a safe area where us; the FIGHTING fleet had retired for a rest.

Go back about 6 months in the archives for several posts on the Gold Card issues.
BTW The Australian Govts expenditure to provide the G C for *80 yr old plus ex Brits would be less than 5 per cent than that which is spent on the upkeep of war graves, renovating memorials and erecting new memorials, it seems the OZ Govt is more interested in the welfare of the dead than the living.
Vest said…
My thought for the week:

Dont appear so scholarly, but Humanize your talk and speak to be understood. Do you think a foriegn word gives more weight to your reasons?

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