Taking a rest

Sorry - No words this week.. Several things have cropped up for attention; such as the Auto garage door malfunction( age related) the gardener coming earlier: hedge cutting mowing and spraying grass.. My carer son busy on voluntary work at Camp Breakaway. and myself having a fall in the garden and injured my Right leg ( a large chunk being removed) requiring  a minor operation; pain killers lots of  stitches and tetanus shots and  the loss of half a legfull of blood. so that is about all, apart from I am recovering well. see you next week

Vest .. Back soon..


Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear of your problems, especially you falling an the resulting injury.
Deb Simpson. said…
Sorry to read about your fall Uncle Les, l hope your leg isn't too painful and you recover well and quickly.
With love
Deb xxx
TIM Bowyer. said…
Ouch , hope your ok
Sue Goldberg. said…
I am very sorry to hear this.
I hope you recover quickly and completely.

Anonymous said…
What are your plans for Anzac Day Dad
Vest said…
ANON SON.. None whatsoever.. Too bloody old for shanannigans marching and BOOZING.
Dylan said…
Thanks for the update Grandad,

Recover well!
Vest said…
Thank you All for your best wishes , sad to say three days later i can still feel the pain. Will have to tough it out.
Andrew B. said…
Hope you are alright dad.

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