Pee soup causes collision of ferry.

Words on Wednesday, Words used  are.
Beach. Shadow. Orb. Chilly. Collision.  Desperate. Game.  Bag. Torch. Queen.

Today's story....Hong Kong  Feb 13  1905.

    The Naval Shore Establishment HMS Tamar in Hong Kong lay near the beach side suburb of Wanchai, its front gate fronted the esplanade of the Star Ferry terminal. The bridge of each ferry displayed on its  coat of arms a crossed sabre and orb design.
 The desperate Chinese cook fleeing an irate mob of drunken sailors was without a shadow of doubt the root  of the riot which caused the  capsizing of the Star Ferry The sailors having chased 'Cookie Boy' as he was known onto the ferry after a disagreeable meeting in the mess  hall.

     That Chilly February morning will bring into focus why the commotion started in the first place., when rampaging sailors caused the ferry to capsize after a high speed collision with the dock side wall where desperate passengers were thrown into the not so healthy water- despite its motto of 'Fragrant Harbour'. Which of course depended on your refractory choice and possibly remembering the awful whiff of the Jordan road Pig market smell on a hot July day which in my opinion would capture the honours.

     It seems that in the wash up (enquiry) the debacle started as a game when sailors would Bag or Mock  the Chinese cook Wan Kee Ling the Queen of the kitchen ladies for whom the Petty officer in charge of the sailors was carrying a Torch. when the poor quality of the sailors chow came into question.. The irate husband of Wan kee ling  Fred Chow ming (Eurasian) complained to the C O about the insults he was getting from the sailors about the quality of the food he was offering which after much discussion meant the sailors were told to apologise to the Chinese cook saying 'Sorry Cookie Boy' Whereupon  The cocky Cookie Boy  stated " Good I no more pee in the soup.. Which started the fracas.

 Vest Daily Gaggle. Back soon.


Lee said…
A lesson well-advised to learn and heed at all times...always be polite to the cook/chef!

Good story, Vest. :)
I suspect he continued to piddle into the soup when pushed though - and can't blame him.
Great story Vest.
Vest said…
Lee It would be sinful for a dedicated procurer of fine food to taint his or her cooking . But a individual special for a rude diner would not necessary be impossible. thanks for calling.
Vest said…
E C. Having visited many oriental eateries by means of accompanying A Govt Food Inspector Several time as paid and secretly Armed escort; Moonlighting, While in the fragrant City. my choice and that of my family remained ugly English. I would be absolutely frightened to drink Chinese soup. My clever Wife sold advertising space in the main HK business directory And further success was stopped when I considered it to Dangerous despite being accompanied by another lady. Thanks for calling.

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