Happy St George Day

     I had the stitches removed from my leg today , I feel more comfortable  but some pain remains.
After leaving the Doc I did the weekly shopping, calling in the St George. Bank, then Woolies and last of all Aldl, then it was time for a box of chips from the Red Rooster where I sat on a bench watching the passing parade of the various types of humanity.
     It wasn't long before I was recognised by a former Club Associate and we began chatting when his two teenage sons were introduced to me when I replied " A happy St Georges day" " whats that" said one , I replied, "It is like St Patrick's day sort of thing, only the English version and St David March 1, is for the Welsh people and st Andrew November30 for the Scottish". The younger of the two then say's we Aussies have St Anzac On Wednesday  I winced and replied I have a son named Andrew  guess what his birthday is, The father guessed correctly and then asked why do Brits when they fly their flag not use the Union Flag(Jack).. I replied the  White flag  with the Red Pus sign cross is the English Flag,The Scottish flag is white with a  blue X cross and the Irish white with a red x cross.
     In nautical terms the distress flags  within the International code are of the same colours as the Irish and Scots flags, the flag M Scottish means " my engines are stopped and not making way,' the flag V the Irish flag means  "I need assistance. Makes one think doesn't it? 
   . However the English flag is the same as for an Admiral. A rear Admiral has two red balls in the left hand cantons and the Vice Admiral's flag has only one in the upper left canton, But sadly the full Admiral has no balls at all.

Vest.... back soon.


Anonymous said…
I received my compulsory flag training at school when I was very young. The cross of no snake land, the whisky drinkers, and the whingers about everything who were down south. Hope I haven't missed somewhere who is on the flag.
Vest said…
Andrew. You missed out on the Taffs - the Welsh. And for the true Blues the White on the background was changed to Blue Then the union flag shoved in the top left hand corner and six pretty twinkling stars to brighten up an otherwise very pompous British thing. BTW there are lots of t Snakes in Ireland.
Andrew POM N S W. said…
Andrew, re flag training.Your fit of pique was noticeable a trifle racy perhaps!!! stay cool man.
Glad your stitches are out.
Flag talk is over my head.
Vest said…
EC. The International code of flags replaced the old British Naval code when the USA entered the 2nd WW. convenient for the USA but not for those who had the Brit code firmly established in their heads. Like myself who had been taught this at a Naval college, it was like reinventing the Morse Code.
Gay Danny. said…
A P, NSW.. 'A fit of Pique'. Fits well . I am sure it was a moment within his national pride of well worn derogatory statements depicting the Brits as ritual complainants being out of place. we in Strayer are just simply better at complaining er whingeing and particularly Bitching than the rest of the world. Gay Danny.
Vest said…
My statements of fact have been twisted into a Gender dogfight . I shall stay well clear.
GAY Danny. said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
The pain in my leg still persists I shall see the Doc s A P, and on Friday I have my Quarterly Inner plumbing inspection at The local Hospital.
Lee said…
"St. Anzac Day"????? My God!!

And the new Prince Louis was born on St. George's Day.

I hope you're progressing well, Vest...continue taking good care. :)
The Greek. said…
Andrew . checking out seems G Danny and you are of similar calling plus your fit of pique statement by the other andrew fits well. grow up
Vest said…
Lee . I am going well at the moment , have had water works seen to at the hospital , Am going good.Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
Hi there El Greko the Greek. Thank you for your comment. > This post is closed for further comment.

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