Dear Sports Editor Re cricket at the SCG

     I was totally distressed when reading your report regarding the dwindling numbers of patrons visiting the Sydney cricket ground but what surprised me most of all was the terrible news that due to last week when the Australian men's cricket team was thrashed by the under 15 Bangladesh 2nd eleven( ladies) there was much dissension within the small crowd . reports are now coming in saying if the situation worsens the Sydney cricket ground  may have to be demolished to make way for the New housing development for retired Politicians..
     " Oh No" please. not that. or if so my family will dwindle too - due to starvation ,  and despite what you say about visiting crowds my family and heaps of friends are regular visitors whatever the format rain or shine and provided the people return and overspend on KFC and Maccas ; my family will always be there.

 Signed  A SEAGULL.   


Lee said…
Never mind, Jonathan Livingston (Mr. Seagull to those who know him not well)...come here...I'll feed you and your family!
I feel sure the gulls will find alternative sustenance. I hope so, because I would MUCH rather watch them than cricket.
Vest said…
E C & LEE. Thanks for calling. . But have you noticed that that Seagulls are in the main the only birds to be dressed in cricket Whites.

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