OZ Skipper may skip to Kipper land.

                                Cry baby penniless Cricketer will seek solace in England
     It is now donkey's years since England first allowed overseas players to infiltrate their County Cricket teams, The only team to steadfastly refuse foreign players was the Yorkshire cricket club who after four decades of going it alone and due to their lowly championship ratings joined the foreign players club in 1992 when in July  that year the Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulker joined the club ( A great choice). Now it would seem our embattled Ex cricket Skipper will be skipping the country to play for a undisclosed English County Team ; one not too disturbed regarding the Oz defectors dodgy history.

    .Have you ever attended a cricket game? I did when I was a twelve year old during my summer holiday from  my dreadful Nautical school. It was the 5th test in Aug 1938 One that most Aussies have little recall which is hardly surprising. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/17544/scorecard/62652/england-vs-australia-5th-test-australia-tour-of-england-1938
If you An Aussie fan you will really enjoy this .

 Vest back soon.


Anonymous said…
Very clever subject line.

I didn't know Tendulkar played for Yorkshire. Any interest in sport by me is usually focused on the looks of a nice looking male competitor. I did once go to our St Kilda Junction oval to watch Shane Warne play before he retired. It was boring and I did not stay long.
Vest said…
Andrew nice pics of Brother and Table Mountain Back ground. Was in Capetown Feb 46 march 57 , same in 60 last time On my 45th birthday July 16 !871 when coming to OZ with the tribe, We all took the cable car ride to the top of Table mountain over 4,000 Ft.
I have vague memories of seeing a (small) part of a cricket match once. And enjoying watching the gulls on the pitch. I freely admit to being unOrstrayan and having no interest in sport. Which is ironic because I am the only australian born member of my generation of the family and the others make up for my lack of interest.
Vest said…
E C. It was in 1938 In England when I watched the Eng v Aus Debacle and again in 1946.
I have never seen a Cricket game since apart from on the Box, in comfort, and able to turn off if one's side is getting the rough side of the pineapple. Never the less I believe you are a good sport.
Lee said…
I'm over all the cricket debacle...the media have been acting like frenzied sharks among a school of pilchards!

There was guilt on both sides....I'm sure there is guilt on all sides.

I am not condoning cheating...but South Africk didn't behave well, either...and little has been said about that.
Vest said…
LEE> I agree with you that some of the behaviour of the Afrikaners was most ungentlemanly.

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