Wednesday's Words for Friday.

 This is my story.

      It was a cool but very wet Spring evening, .Although  someone had mentioned the appearance of the first (CROCUS), there was little time to stop and look for this beautiful spring flower as she made a dash for the door of her house in the pouring rain -  skidding in the wet grass her cell phone lost the grip of her hand .and  went flying into the (FOUNT). It was not a time to stop and search , but later she appeared when the rain had ceased wearing a (SHAWL) and carrying a(TORCH) Searching for and soon finding her now useless cell phone her foul (NARRATIVE) one could cut with a (KNIFE) lessening the anguish of her loss.
"Swear now,! for in heaven it will not be allowed."

Vest... Back soon.


I wonder whether we would need to swear in heaven?
Great story.
River said…
I read this over at Grannie Annie's, it's just as good reading it a second time.
Vest said…
E C. I have been led to believe they have a swear box which provides the funding for the servicing and cleaning of Angels feathers.
Vest said…
River. You are so kind and thoughtful.
Granny Annie said…
Great story and thanks for posting it where my grand niece and nephew can see it. They will enjoy it a lot. Your story sounds like something that would happen to me. LOL Poor gal:-(
Vest said…
River, thank you for your kind words.
Vest said…
Granny Anne. Your "Once upon a time" story was great too. Thank you.

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