Words on Wednesday

The following are the words for Wednesday


My Story begins.
                             It was 5AM and Flying Stations again, the fleet would go to Action Stations within the next hour. Already a tedious situation experienced a score or more times with even more expected as I watched the aircraft take off from the A/C Carriers (WHISTLING) down the flight deck as I drank coffee from A (THERMOS) flask.
     The Seafires, Hellcats, and Corsairs were usually first in the air, followed by the heavier (FIREFLIES), and Avengers, the last two having had a (CHECKERED) career  while taking off from the flight deck and ending up in the briny and lost.
     It would be two hours or more before the sons of Nippon would follow our planes back to the fleet dressed in (SOLEMN) attire, their last living moments before they and  chunks plus (SLIVERS) of metal and  Miscellaneous  parts of the crashing aircraft and its occupant would scatter onto the decks of the ships of the fleet.. Vest not forget.


I don't think anyone who saw it COULD forget.
Granny Annie said…
You painted an emotional memory none could forget.
Weekend-Windup said…
Nice to know more about the words.
River said…
I wouldn't have thought those words could be woven into a war story, but you did it, and so well too.
Vest said…
+EC, River & GA.
From memory, a Navy pilot Hammond Gray Lt RNCVR the last VC of the WW@, Crashed the 'FIREFLY' he was flying into a Japanese ship when mortally wounded on Aug 9 1945. his VC was gazetted Aug 21-45. It was our final operational day of the war, VJ day was six days later, this was the time of waiting for the effect of the A Bombs to sink in to the minds of the rulers of Nipponland.
Davoh said…
Why do 'advertisements' inciting me to 'enter the online game' "world of warships" appear on this site? Had a look at it ... requires more 'upload/download Gigabytes than i can afford ... meh.
Vest said…
Davoh. World of Warships ? . Hasn't crossed my path on this blog as yet,. This blog has recently been updated with more bells and whistles than before. It was installed by my senior son who has a remarkable aptitude for delving into the mystics of computer science which would leave me in Neanderthal stage.
With regard to the World of warships, in my case - seen enough to have the need to play games, "Bang" gotcher. have a nice day sailor.

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