Wednesdays Words on a Friday

Words for this Friday are as follows.

My composition follows, ' Memories when a child of nine during the thirties in merry England '..

     When I was a child I would WANDER  around the FAMILIAR local countryside and into the woods or COVERT as was the local term . These woods would play host to many forms of flora and fauna which had survived the ravages of urbanisation and development. I came well prepared with my box of sandwiches and my towel and outer clothing hoisted above my head as I waded into the chilly water hoping there were no hungry fish seeking a juicy meal of a large worm. On dry land I dressed and went foraging for hazel nuts which normally would be in abundance at that time of the year, however  my arrival created much ado and scurrying from the colony of Red Squirrels who would BOLT to take cover up the trees faster than the eye could follow them.
      Having found one tree which unfortunately had  been harvested  I knew my search for those SWEET TEMPTING nuts was  going to be a futile exercise and I assumed that if one tree  was laid bare the others would be too and the fruit of the Squirrels labour stored away out of sight for the Squirrels winter hibernation and. It was nice to know those pesky Grey American squirrels had not found and destroyed this colony of local Reds, this was due to their habitat being completely surrounded by water .leaving them totally isolated.
Chalgrove Oxford ENG !935.


As I said, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Are you going to add it to Hannah's Words for Wednesday post?
Vest said…
E C. YES.. I have discovered Hannah's bog and posted it a few minutes ago. Thank you for your appreciation.

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