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                                   This is my story

      The former master of the seized ship sat forlornly on the stern thwart holding the tiller of the 32  foot Cutter possibly wondering what went wrong. The ships crew or most of them had been abused or flogged at the slightest whim of the their officers and their attendant security namely six marines. the wife of the Master being one of the main reasons for the mutiny; who demanded the flogging of all persons who would dare look upon or drool over her gaze-worthy form.
     The plot was quite simple. The second mate Mr Vest and  now Master designate, suggested a  birthday party  be held and on the lower deck and invite the six marines whom they easily filled with rum and were soon snoring.. The mutiny commenced when the marines were (ABDUCTED) one after the other at the point of the (SHARP) end of a bayonet on the end of a musket Stolen from the marines while asleep.. One by one the marines and officers were rudely awakened from their slumbers to be taken to the upper deck and ordered to climb down into the ships cutter.in the pouring (RAIN). Soon after a baricoe of water and provisions were sent down to the boat which was now swinging a fair bit in the wind and waiting to be lowered on the crest of a wave in a boiling (SEA GREEN)  ocean.
Finally the order to " Let Go' was given and the disengaging gear dropped the boat and the boat cleared the side of the ship and was seen later wallowing up and down with a lady still in her night attire screeching with (FROTH Covering her sea sick face.
      Fortunately the persons in the cutter would soon reach land fall for what it was worth, being there were (THOUSANDS) of islands in the near vicinity - mostly populated by people yet to become subordinate to a foreign power and with a taste for 'Long Pig' , Maybe a Great white variety would soon be on their menu
        "Ready about" came the order from the new Master -  Captain Vest who pointed the ship to Rio and freedom. rather than Sydney and incarceration..


I am pretty certain that similar things happened more often than we realise. And should perhaps have happened even more frequently.
There were far too many despots in command of ships (and their crew).

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