Rain and more Rain.

      It's tiddling down and.has been for past two days, the Topsy turvy weather patterns continue making out door scheduling unpredictable. Seven weeks back a sunny 32 Cel and that is winter, indoors at the moment it Say's 17Cel;  but  outside I'm not sure more than likely cooler with a s/w wind a-blowing fiercely, I shall not bother to check it out.

      Cockies (farmers) are still griping about water allocations from the river systems in inland NSW although the drought of three years has been official declared over with joyful aplomb from those benefiting, but sadly some of these people are going from famine to floods with more rain yet to come, several weirs across each river would stall the maximum of the river water entering coastal deltas, "too costly" say some and not needed at the present time say others, life is a gamble on the land and a way of life for some,

      Back from lunch. good news the sun has appeared  and  the rain has stopped. The birds are back on the shed roof, we must be the only source of bird freebies in the area.

      Sunday we received  two more messages  from Prodigal son, him with the charisma of a wet cat , despite my leanings and his teachings, his utterances on the sabbath are to be deplored. " Son You can't have more" , my money machine is deceased. and your tough demeanor is unwarranted, as long as your present attitude to your parents and siblings remain your pleas will fall on deaf ears. The saga will no doubt continue.

     I expect a back lash from the previous paragraph

     The rain has stopped and a fair breeze blowing and I must remove my backside from this seat and get some walking time in.
      Christopher's health is improving and would improve more if he moved more and smoked less, it doesn't make sense to me why intelligent people knowingly allow themselves to self destruct.
Thank you those friends and relatives who have found time to communicate recently your bonding is appreciated. that's all for now, back later. Have a great weekend, love you all  Vest Daily Gaggle.

BTW.  Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your pet parrot to the town gossip. 


Here we could do with some rain.
And the gossip would be bored to sobs if our parrot moved in with him/her. Which part of me thinks is a bit sad.
River said…
I thought maybe it wouldn't be too long before he asked for more. He's grown used to holding his hand out. Stick to your guns as much as you can.
We could use more rain here too, we are the dryest state, with very little coming in from the Murray after the NSW and Vic farmers take (more than) their share.
Granny Annie said…
We need rain but I often complain because it inconveniences me when it finally arrives. My parents helped us by giving us money when we were in a bind. Rather than let us repay them they said we should do the same for our own children. So I have done that but often wished my parents had just asked for new car or something to remove our debt. LOL
Vest said…
EC . I love a good gossip.
Vest said…
River. It is raining again, but not cash as you predicted, Still waiting and waiting. I suppose it is what good parents should do even when their little boy is 49 years old.
Vest said…
Granny May . Yesterday was the first day of Spring in the land of OZ , and it lived up to expectations about 23 Cel Midday but today it is back to 13 and tiddling down again. thanks for calling.

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