I missed the story of Lucy. And yes, it is very, very sad.
No Christian burial here. If I get my druthers I will have an eco-funeral and feed a tree.
River said…
Nice to know my handshake will give me a few extra years, but when I go there won't be a funeral. My body is going to the medical university for new doctors to learn from.
Anonymous said…
The doctors need a private and safe place online where they can indulge in some stress relieving black humour and frank conversation.

Interesting about the handshake. I never shake a woman's hand very hard but recently nearly had my hand crushed by a woman. She was attractive and feminine and I did not know she batted for the other team in the bedroom, hence me being caught unawares. Was it my father? I can't remember but he said never trust a man without a firm handshake. Surprisingly quite a number of men who you would expect to have a firm handshake, do not.

Religion seldom seems to bring about good will and happiness, in spite of treaties that I am sure is in every religion about love and respect.

I was not aware of the car crash story. 'Tis very sad. Perhaps you think like myself about death. Well, I will be dead, so I am hardly like to care.

Vest said…
E C. The accident occurred a few weeks back and was local. T F C.
Vest said…
River. I have heard of persons being generous with their bodies during their lifetime. but few - other than your good self would consider such an offering to science, a noble thing indeed. However, I doubt if my body - all scrag end would be much use other than at the Knackers Yard. T F C.
Vest said…
Andrew. Interesting comment. Regarding the handshake, I have only become aware of this when I have on several occasions shaken hands with a male non blood relative aged around 50 years whose gender stood out like a sore thumb although the matter never entered discussion. He was married to his long time Girl friend ten days ago.
Granny Annie said…
My husband's right hand was crippled yet he always offered a firm handshake. He was not a religious man but he had the strongest faith of anyone I knew. He attended church and joined the church because that was what I wanted but he had such experiences during his military years that he always seemed to know more than any of us. His funeral was left for the family to do whatever we wanted. He was at peace with his final days.
Vest said…
Granny Annie. The last school I attended was a Naval College Where we hah prayers at 0900 and 2000 hrs in the main hall daily, plus Church twice on Sunday and every possible occasion in the Christian calendar - Plus frequent scripture lessons. When it comes to ecclesiastical Quizzing ; I am up there with the best , however, I am a bit of a Doubting Thomas and there is much I reject as being the cats whiskers. Thank you for your comment.

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