Words on Wednes day

   Words on Wednesday


       It was at the final occasion of our Association Annual General Meeting and Barbeque. We were all old shipmates who had kept in touch over the years - Vets from WW2 and other conflicts, all in our Eighties, but that was more than ten years ago,. The (SHADOWS) of time had already decimated our once forty odd strong membership ; but now we were only just able to make a quorum .
plus three.
     It had been a hot day and while the (ICE CUBES) clinking  in our glasses (UNTIED) our tongues which  gave way to airing a (WHIMSEY) or two from the past while (FLUTTERING) Butterflies  chased each other from the (SHADOWS) to (SUNBEAM) around the flowers wilting in the heat and  flies a-plenty arrived for a feed on the leftovers on the unattended Barbeque.
     Yes this is the land down under - Australia, hot and sticky; the land which became our future - remembered as British Navy Sailors who fought In the Pacific WW2 and returned to live out our lives in the land of OZ.
George 93, Jim  93, Pat 90, and Les 90. All ex boy sailors at sea when 16. yrs of age. Yes you get it , Just Children.

Vest ..Back soon.


As I said on Hannah's blog, I love that you anchor your stories in reality.
Granny Annie said…
No one can tell a story better than a retired sailor and you always prove that. Great job!
Vest said…
E C & Granny M. All content of this blog is usually dealt with in a Sean=man like manner. Thank you for your comments.
Anonymous said…
Who is the Hunk in the pic on your blog, nice body -Yum.
Vest said…
Anon. F Y I that hunk as you say is not a hunk anymore. Pic origin,1960 Sober Island Trincomalee, Ceylon now Sri Lanka known as the tear of INDIA.
Vest said…
Anon, That word is not tolerated here, your previous or 2nd comment deleted.
BTW, F Y I reads , For your Information. Thank you for calling.

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