Today in History July !6.

In the year of !926 , On July 16, VEST AKA ME was born  on a Friday At 21 Homerton Place, Hackney , London, E8, England.

In the year of 622.also on the 16th of JulyThe prophet Mohammad fled from Mecca and took flight to Medina.
'I suppose it was made possibly by the Then 'Magical Axminster Airways.'

The year of 1945 saw the explosion of the test 'Atom Bomb' in the New Mexico desert. This disastrous event unknown to me at the time;  happened on my Nineteenth Birthday while serving as a seasoned sailor on HMS KGV, during the Pacific War

The year of 1969 Apollo 11 left earth at 9pm BST July 16  for its flight to the moon,where it landed on my mums birthday.

In 1971 Reaching the age of 45 years while en route to Australia, my family of wife and five sons 4-17 and myself travelled to the top of 'Table Mountain' while in Capetown South Africa

In the year of 2013, My 87th birthday My wife and I while flying to England set foot in the C Republic of China, France and England on the same day.

In 1966 July 16. I retired from the British Royal Navy on Pension with Ann increases. I was at last free from bondage, and one of the happiest days of my life. being able to think for myself coupled with freedom of speech.

Remember; Nothing can stop any person with the right mental attitude from achieving their goal; and
nothing  on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.

VEST.... Back soon.


C A , USA said…
You havent much time left then
Vest said…
CA: Thank you for your kind thoughts.
I would suggest a little more time than the Stiffs you are dealing with in your Morgue.
Jay said…
A happy birthday to you!
It seems you attract momentous occasions and have quite a memory for them. Have you always kept a journal? I have kept some, burned some, am keeping one now, along with my occasional blogging.
Have a beautiful day.
Debbie.U/K. said…
Happy Birthday Uncle Les

Apologies if this reaches you after midnight on your birthday, I haven't been able to get to the computer until now. John has been a bit off colour, think he has a tummy bug :( I have been kept on my toes one way and another for the last twenty four hours, Merlin, one of cats brought me a baby magpie, it seems fine apart from a slightly dodgy leg, which I am hoping is sprained rather than broken. I guess it must be a fledgling, it has most of it's feathers, but is not quite ready to fly. Think it must have either fallen from it's nest or unsuccessfully tried to fly. I seem to get quite a variety of "presents" from Merlin, frogs, toads, slow worms and various birds, including a wood pigeon which he managed to get through the cat flap!!!! Luckily, he doesn't harm any of the creatures, just brings them home for me, would rather he went to the off licence and got me a bottle of wine;)

The weather here is sweltering, quite unpleasant especially for sleeping. Temperatures of 30 and above are forecast for Friday, but hopefully we will get thunderstorms too. Know I shouldn't moan about the heat, but our summers aren't so pleasant as they used to be years ago.....or maybe I am getting old and grumpy :)

Well, I hope you had a lovely birthday and your arm is much better now.

Lots of love to you all

Deb, John sends his love too xxxxx
Vest said…
Hi Jay: Long time since calling here. You are Canadian if I remember correctly and we were blogging back in 2005-6 to start off.
Yes I do keep a journal and have published My Memoirs, however, being born with a functional brain and retaining one's marbles helps with the occasional J W to jog the grey matter.
Thankyou for calling and your good wishes, I shall call on you soon.
BTW How are the Martini's going?
Rosemary Vella. said…
Sorry I missed your birthday but I hope you have a lovely time and did not celebrate too much. Regards.

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