History ... On this day July !5 St Swithins Day.Yes it is Raining.

RIP Sister Ruth born this day 1928. One of many Cancerians within the bounds of my known relatives past and present . Approximately 31% of my known relatives  are Cancerians. including my mother, father, wife, myself,  two sons,  Ist  and 2nd grand children  and many more. However, July the main source of producing pacifist and loving persons, has produced a fair share of horrific happenings during the course of history.

On this Day.

In 1099 A delightful band of European Christian Crusaders capture Jerusalem and put it's Jewish and Muslim population to the sword. They then as good Christians  prayed for forgiveness I'll presume.

1685 . You will love this. ...On the orders of the Christian King James 2 of England, The Duke of Monmouth England, was beheaded eventually by an inexperienced axeman who took eight chops to sever the Dukes head, "Ouch".

1857 British women and children; taken by Indians at Cawnpore India, Are murdered in the second massacre of Cawnpore.

1977; Anti drugs campaigner Donald Mackay is presumed murdered  when he vanishes from his home in Griffith NSW Aus.

That's all, Back soon Vest.

The main culprits who ignore history and fail to learn from historic events and  it's mistakes are our
Dimwitted politicians.


Amy...Swansea. said…
So it will rain for forty days and forty nights according to the legend.
Vest said…
Dunno Amy, Maybe in Burma or Bangladesh, or even Manchester England. Or even the plains of Spain? but mainly down the drain.
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Happy birthday Uncle Les. Have a wonderful day.xxx
Vest said…
Thankyou Jane for your message and card received yesterday. The St Swithins day curse is upon us here due to the heavy rain overnight and it is still tiddling.
We had rain yesterday and this morning, but it has largely disappeared. I hope sunshine (literal and metaphorical) settles down in your world.

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