How would you deal with the worlds problems.

Talking to oneself can conjure up a heap of ridicule from unsympathetic bystanders, But if you are alone it can be done with impunity. Soliloquy or thinking aloud or soul searching without interruption from others around us is something we should all do more often, it is a great way to resolve any problems which we are confronted with.
I was once told many years ago  by my Music teacher who was a conscientious objector during WW2 that the Meek will inherit the earth and only drug and alcohol free pacifists who were truthful to the core were those qualified to advise the worlds population the correct path to the health and happiness of all creatures on this planet.
Feather nesting politicians rorting the systems who suffer from  degenerating solipsism; a mental disorder which shows them as the only one or self who exists with verifiable knowledge  are veritable running mates with the bunch of cretins whom we shall refer to as Solifidians  These persons do not use the thought processes, they use enshrined archaic wisdom written on goat skins by long gone idiotic scribes with less grey matter than a rocking horse or more simply described as persons who believe religious faith alone without works is all that is needed for justification
Being a cynical person I believe eventually some deranged govt in this world will drop a 'Big One' which will decimate mankind, or leave a bunch of meek pacifists to create a new world order with only a bunch of ugly Morlocks to sort out for generations to come
On the other hand should we continue  to encourage the demise of our loony war mongers by gifting them weapons of mass destruction?  until only the smoke and weeds are visible.

My heartfelt sympathy to those relatives of victims of the recent Malaysian Air disaster.

Vest.... back soon.

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overciming it.  (Moliere)


The latest Malaysian Air tragedy is a crime. Literally and metaphorically.
And the politicians are already posturing.
Sometimes I despair.
Davoh said…

"How would you deal with the worlds problems."

Me as Me? Well, Vanish into the Australian bushland wilderness as it currently remains.

Me as an absolute Planetary dictator? Not so easy. Guess that my first dictat would be to construct a "fence" of some sort on the line of the 'equator'. Keep the "warring" factions over there ... heh.
Anonymous said…
I sit in silence and think of those poor souls cheated of their lives - but the horror never goes away.
River said…
Me? Deal? oh dear.
My usual method is ear plugs and a big stack of books to read.

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