Not a Voortrekker in sight.

Took a quick squizz at the Daily Telegraph sport pages today, flipped the first dozen or so at the rear end, .mostly the usual Thugby league garbage. and lots of praise for Oz sporties in Haggis land.
There was no mention of any Cricket. The bevy of cranky Telegraph pro Oz - Pom baiters were probably at a loss to find some detrimental bilge to sling at the 'new awakening' in the English cricket test team; now devoid of Suid Afrikaners born of British parentage which formed the basis of much bellyaching from the Aussie  bludgerygalahs who have forgotten the likes of Temporary Ozzie's Brit Andrew Symonds and S African; Kepler Wessells and others who strengthened the OZ team in time's  of woe and the crying of a Kim Hugh's and the Oz PM during  the period the  Aussies couldn't win a game even if they cheated.
It seems the England Team declaring their First innings closed in the High 500s against India could be the catalyst for improvement in the England test team for a while.

Have a sporty day ....Vest ...Back soon.


All of our news coverage is embarrassing often. If it isn't about us - it doesn't rate. Sigh.
Vest said…
Thank you Elephants Child for hitting the nail on the head.

There is no mention of this test match in the Daily Telegraph today,or the past two days. or any television coverage.
The only coverage is by P C and clicking on BBC SPORT CRICKET.
Davoh said…
Elephant's child - Really?

Look at the word "voortrekker".
Anonymous said…
Davoh - stop nit picking
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Davo, define pommie bastard, old dart and in your case ossy bludger, Mike.
Vest said…
Oh dear oh dear, my blog has become WW3 Are you promoting the centenary of WW1 Aug 4 1914 ? I read yesterday that the vast majority of the first Anzacs in WW1 were recent migrants from Britain and offspring of earlier migrants. Some German migrants returned to fight for Germany.
Mull on this:
Some German and Italian prisoners in Australia during WW2, stayed and joined Australian forces later and fought in Korea. In preference to Brits who( like Myself) fought for Australia in the Pacific and based in Australia in WW2. We do not have a Vets Gold Card But those ex enemies do.
Draft dodging Aus Chicken-hawk Politicians also receive a Gold Card. Oh I could go on......
Vest said…
Oh I forgot. I shall be having dinner with my local member tomorrow, might drag the Gold Card issue out again.

Why do the public refer to politicians as 'Members'?

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