She who seeks a Lord HeeWhore. prudes should not read this.

    Tacky Jacoui one of  our new brood of senators, a lusty female whose inner thoughts are rarely away from lustful fornication, had this to say on air when she  described her preferred type of male sexual partner.

They must have heaps of cash and they've got to have a package between their legs, let's be honest. I don't need them to speak.  Describing her ideal male partner.
On Air,
"Are you well hung"? To  a 22 year old caller 'Jamie'
:Hung like a donkey"replies J
She Say's "Oh is that right! I've got a 24 year old son who reckons he is too.. He says" that as well."
     In  a display of bad taste, Senator lambie spoke on commercial radio about her preference for well endowed men, To get the full story Try the "daily Telegraph , Which is delivered daily to my front. door.. Maybe Tacky Jacui was chasing the donkey vote.

Would the act of sex with ex army Female Corporal Jacoui Lambie, be classified as 'Corporal Punishment' and be banned  by law?

Excerpt from my memoirs

1944 WW2.

Alexandria, Egypt was enjoyable. The canteen at the Services
Club was super. Near the jetty, a dead dog floated upside down with his
legs up, all bloated and smelly. After avoiding it for a couple of days, my
duty as the bowman of the ship’s motor cutter gave me a chance to
dispatch it with a jab from my boat hook. It exploded. The ensuing smell
was probably worse than the pig market smell in Jordan Road, Hong
Kong on a warm day, but the fish enjoyed eating the thousands of little white squiggly things.
Alexandria, Egypt, more commonly referred to as ‘Alex,’ was very
diverse in the area of entertainment. This ranged from naughty post
cards to absolute obscenities. I must admit that as a young sailor,
curiosity got the better of me. I found a poorly printed locally- produced
publication doing the rounds of the mess decks. The titles left little to the
imagination. ‘The Naughty Countess’ was one and the other, ‘The
Autobiography of a Flea.’

The eye-opening information contained in these very naughty books
absolutely amazed me. In the Navy, these sorts of books were referred to
as Alex AFO’s (Admiralty fleet orders.) Many tales have been recounted
about a peculiar staged performance (which I hasten to admit I would
never have seen) supposedly taking place between a very large woman
and a donkey. War veterans have enjoyed many good laughs at reunions
when the fabricated telegrams from an Alex Madam were read, stating,
for example, “It is with regret that I inform you of the passing of the
internationally acclaimed donkey, ‘Lord Hee Whore’ aged fifty one years,
signed Fatima Omar, Madame, Sister Street, Alexandria, Egypt”. This
was usually followed by some drunken twit stating, “Cor blimey! That
bloody donkey led a long and fruitful life.”

Vest daily gaggle ...back soon.

Copying is bad ,Sorry about that.




Amy, Swansea. said…
Maybe the lady ? in question should contact dethroned MP randy Thompson to deflate his bulging speedo's, now he hsn't access to union funds to shellout for his many whorings.
Anonymous said…
I'm bob from caberra - my nickername is kransky - tell me how cani find this nice lady you speak about but i am broke and need dollers, gen WLTM her.
Vest said…
Amy: I am sure Thommo has heard of 'Tacky Jacui' But he doesn't have the required funds.

Bob: you seem to be a no hoper, a one off winner and a full time loser, You are also bragging. Suggest you write an open postcard to the lady at Parliament house and offer her your services.BTW what is WLTM ?
River said…
Tacky Jacqui indeed. Woman should be ashamed of herself.
WALLY. said…
From her pics she seems a bit worn and rubbery. Coming from tasmania doesn't help, weird lot down there - shot all the indidgoes they did
She must have had lots of sausage while in the diggers.
Vest said…
Thank you Both River and Wally for braving this post.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Senator Lambies stint as a corporal in the army does not give rise to high aspirations in her present political job, What a tart.. Mike.
Anonymous said…
She probably stands up with the men for a pee.

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