Loud mouth Sheik just a Con Man...Plus . MUS reTARD in hot pickle.

     The Silly Jihad element in Australia continues to entertain. A suspected war criminal Khaled Sharouf who is or was a disability pensioner in Australia, has had his payments stopped. after it was discovered he had found gainful employment shooting his fellow people. At least he made it to the Middle East, but not so a guy named Musa Cerantonio.
       Cerantonioa a well known Bull/S artist and loudmouth  has fooled his fellow Jihadist's by instead of going to the middle East to fight for some jihadist lost cause, decided the Philippines was a much safer place and chose to make love and not fight (Which in anyone's book would be the wisest action to pursue). Cerantonio a self styled sheik stated on twitter he had made it to the Middle East and was engaged in fighting. However it seems his only fight has been in the bedrooms of Phillipino Hotels where he has been pounding the  mattresses with his local lover; a female fashion designer.
     Cerantonio,  somehow collected his ill gained pension payments until a sharp eyed centrelink person caught him out; who assumed he had found gainful employment like Khaled by shooting his fellow Muslims. These pension payments were used to pay for his amorous pursuits until he failed to pay his accom bills through lack of dosh which was his undoing and prompted a clash with the local Fuzz
The outcome of this charade will be interesting to follow up, by all accounts this war dodging wimp will certainly have much to answer to when he faces his fellow hardcore jihadist rello's on his return to Strayer who will most certainly " Not be amused"

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing.. (Muhammad Ali).

Vest.... back soon.

Update re Malaysian Airliner disaster July 17, 2014.

Going back one Year and one Day, my wife and I flew on a similar northern loop from Guangzhou China over Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia,Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Belgium and landed in Paris France, a 13.5 Hour flight, then a half hour flight to London.  I had spent my 87th Birthday on Chinese French and English soil.
We are considering going to the Sceptred Isle next year but will choose a more southerly flight loop, but not sure about flying Malaysian Airlines ....Vest.


River said…
The Jihad element should all go home and carry on there.
Vest said…
The Boeing 777 Airliner M H 17, which crashed on July 17 was 17 years old to the day since it made its maiden flight on July 17 1997.
C A, USA. said…
The problems we have with Jihad will be rife in two generations. but you won't be around then
Vest said…
CA: you are never without a few unpleasantries, do you have Acid with your Breakfast cereal each morn?
Two gens NO but two decades maybe.
There is an old guy who is 108 years old. who lives close by on the Central coast of NSW AUS.

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