Dry and Sunny. But a Cold Wind.

A sort of day one does not feel like venturing far from home. A southerly up from Antarctica is the controlling weather factor, fortunately we have a sheltered veranda facing away.from the wind.

     Yesterday we registered our Henry Ford Falcon which remember had a over heating problem and  the car doctor charged us $400-00 to cool him down, The  insurance cost another $850-00, I also passed my medical and I am able to drive until I reach 89 years of age, This was followed by a visit to ALDI to do some cheapo shopping and a trip to the large shopping centre to buy Rosey some warm slippers And get an expensive haircut for myself, I usually have my hair cut every eight weeks for sixteen bucks by George up the road and come out looking like a leatherneck, but the buxom lady barber at 'Just Cuts ' who charged 24 bucks stated I would have a free haircut every eighth visit, I told her I shall live in hope..

     Today a visit to the Vet for the puddy tats  annual needles revealed the owner of micro chipped Ginger Tom who moved in on our tribe two years ago was a lady who lived close by several years ago and dumped the ginger Mog, 'GT' is the assumed lover of our now sterile 'Minnie Alley cat' and dad to her last kittens. the lady in question has  now given us permission to keep her cat and the vet said that will be $ 140 Dollars please sir

The generosity of your time is the most valuable gift you can give.

Vest.... back soon.     FOR PUDDY TATS. retype and search, http://www.jervisbaycatcottage.com.au/


An expensive, but heart-warming post. GT is undoubtedly better off with you (and Minnie).
Congratulations on the driving front too.
Vest said…
Anon Please Do the world a favour, vanish. this is not a pornographic blog.
WALLY. said…
So you had a wallet robbing day, tough.
Vest said…
Thankyou both E C and Wally.for your comments.

Today my Wallet is having a restful day.
River said…
Quite an expensive month you've had. At least it's all paid now and July should be easier. Glad you took in GT and didn't just leave him out in the cold.
River said…
Quite an expensive month you've had. At least it's all paid now and July should be easier. Glad you took in GT and didn't just leave him out in the cold.
Jane Stokes-Honour. said…
Hello Uncle Les

Glad everything is going pretty well at your end. Have sent that special lady of your's birthday card today. Hope she has a wonderful day. Lots of love to you all xxxxx
Amy.... Swansea. said…
I am curious to find out why you call yourself ( Vest ) or will you think I am being rude again ?
Vest said…
River:Keeping the two mogs here is overall inexpensive, they are free to run wild and be loving when they return. The cattery down the coast owned by our son and D in Law is cat dream world at 18 bucks a day.
Vest said…
Thank you Wally My I friend and of course my niece Jane from U/K
for your calls.
Vest said…
Amy: My Pseudo Name for my Memoirs is John Leonard Spencer.
A vest in the U/S is a Waistcoat, but a vest in the UK is a undershirt, and a undershirt or vest in Australia is called a spencer.
So VEST is a derivation of the name Spencer which you will recall is not my real name.
My Forebears going back a fair bit; were artisans who made that Ghastly weapon the Longbow'
My real name is mentioned in the 'Cattery Advert'. click on the link.

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