The world will never be safe until all religions are abolished.

Wednesday Sept 25 2013. The header on the inside edition of the Sydney Daily Telegraph Reads.

       The world will never be safe until all religions are abolished. (Fini).

Although I Vest, was taught the principals of the Christian religion from childhood by means of force or punishment in various forms, should I have veered away from these habits  like failing to turn up at church  a caning was usually administered to remind me to turn up on the next occasion 'or else'.
Missing  a church parade while in the Royal Navy without plausible excuse, especially if you were a person of lowly rank- would create a loss of privilege one way or another.
Fortunately the church parade fiasco was long gone before I left the R N in the mid sixties, except for  the Annual November handicap AKA the (Armistice  Day) or Remembrance day on the nearest Sunday to November 11. refers to 11AM 11th Day, 11th month 1918.
My experience of this parade is etched in my mind when having to stand to attention for approximately one hour on a cold November day in the gutter of the road where the camber lifted my feet about 30 degrees higher than the norm.
However it is apparent we as humans apart from those followers of Islam in the main are seeing the light and forsaking religion for a programme of commonsense, Long gone are stonings and burning of people at the stake for witchcraft, those religious perpetrators were the purveyors of of little more than handed down fairy stories which when banded around by word of mouth became more monstrously distorted.

Read, Part 1. "What the Faith industry do not want you to know"  First published Dec 8 2007.
Plus six following parts on the , these may be copied should you need to.
daily gaggle Archives Dec 8 2007.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality, simply build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Vest, back soon.


L.D L. said…
I have all seven posts in a folder since way back. Mike
Vest said…
Excerpt from my memoirs.

I was about fourteen years old when I was confirmed into the Church
of England and learned the catechism and Christian principles. I also
learned not to ask adverse questions about the teachings of the Bible. Our
holy man had a heavy hand. He told us that blind faith in the Lord
would guide us through our lives, and that the lack of faith in
Christianity was an unpardonable sin. When I asked Reverend “Holy”
Harling if his faith would save him if he jumped off a cliff after praying
for safety, he chased me round the schoolroom waving his cane. The
malevolent use of the ‘unpardonable sin’ doctrine years ago by Christian
churches justified their mass murdering, torturing, and burning of people
at the stake. Holy Harling was the reincarnation of Dracon 659- 601 BC.
My nose had detected that the Bishop who conducted the
confirmation ceremony had been at the sacramental wine. Only once did
I attend Holy Communion. I just couldn’t swallow the dogma. The
thought of drinking the blood of Christ and eating his body were
inhuman and repulsive to me.
george at macksville nsw said…
up north weve got batty pollies spending milliond of bucks bypassing a colony of fruit bats to build a road which will make lots of people homeless, you should write about this not fucking religen.
Vest said…
Hi George, thank you for calling , next time do not swear on my blog please.
Yes I have read the story in the Sydney Daily Telegraph front page.
I expect most people who read the best news coverage will be aware of the story. but from what I can gather is, that, the original idea to cut down hundreds of trees and displace thousands of 'Flying Foxes' AKA Fruit Bats; in all probability will be resumed, so your shack will not be demolished after all. Can't dwell on this any longer.
George. Time flies like an arrow, Bats and fruit - flies like a banana.

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