Remove violence and sex during daytime Television. Also....

....Restrict the number of occasions we are bombarded with adverts regarding funeral insurance and associated bad taste gimmicks targeting the aged to provide for the disposal of their remains prior to departing this life.
OK so I have an axe to grind because I am aged and not too healthy, but being constantly reminded my future is non existant and over eighty years of age one cannot insure ones self for the last rites for passage into the hereafter is not what I and others want to hear from grubby grabbing insurance Shylock's, few of us need reminding that extinction is constantly in the offing, any how Her and I are fully paid up for planting when that time arrives.

Long established restrictions during hours which violent or sexually explicit programs may be shown on television are under review.
Restrictions on violent and sexual content were introduced under the simple logic that such content is inappropriate before children go to bed. Given that the majority of TV viewers still mainly watch free-to-air channels that logic still applies. Keeping violence horror and graphic nudity away from our children and ourselves is a must. 'Keep it clean'.
A reminder to  those grand daughters dressing like Barbara Bach from the dukes of Hazzard, you will only be noticed for the wrong reasons, RE a revelation on Tuesday.

Back soon Vest.  Remember,'A rose too often smelled loses its fragrance'.


D,J,H. said…
Now THIS i might agree with. Have, mostly avoided any media which 'touts, promotes, influences my opinion via well known 'marketing' subliminal techniques ... can't avoid them on SBS - one of my preferred TV stations which tries, at least, to broadcast free to air programs for the not completely brain dead.

However, am also a bit annoyed about the constant reminders that my 'end' is a bit closer than my 'birth'. Could be cynical and say that i didn't pay for my 'birth' - why should i pay someone else for my luxurious 'death'?

On a personal note - there was a time in Brisbane when many 'life choices' were apparently 'going wrong', and contemplated suicide. There was a "marketing campaign" at the time, so everywhere i looked - could only see the words "SEVEN DAYS TO LIVE" ... on the back of taxicabs, sides of buses and public transport, etc., etc..

Yes Vestie, it took much 'strength of mind' to refuse to believe it.

What was it about? Ah, a seven day holiday on Hamilton Island - which self could not, at that time, in any way shape or form - afford. The mind works in mysterious ways.

Am, apparently, still pottering along in this life.

Cheers, best wishes,
David J, H.
Malcolm, UK. said…

WARNING to all those who shop at ASDA.

Over the last month, I have foolishly become a victim of a clever Eastern European scam whilst out shopping. Simply dropping into ASDA for a bit of shopping turned out to be quite an experience. Don't be naive enough to think it couldn't happen to you or your friends.

Here's how the scam works. ...

Two seriously good-looking and voluptuous 20 year-old girls come over to your car as you are packing your shopping into the boot. They both start cleaning your windscreen, their breasts almost falling out of their skimpy T-shirts. When you thank them and offer them a tip, they'll say 'No' and instead ask you for a lift to the town centre.

You agree and they both get in the back seat. On the way, they start undressing each other until both are completely naked. Then, when you pull over to remonstrate, one of them climbs over into the front seat and starts crawling all over your lap, kissing you, touching you and thrusting herself against you while the other one steals your wallet.

I had my wallet stolen on August 4th, 9th, 10th, twice on the 15th, 17th, 20th, 24th and 29th. It also happened on September 1st, 4th, 6th and twice yesterday. So, please warn everyone you know to be on the lookout for this scam. The best times seem to be just before lunch and about 1630 in the afternoon.

Be warned !

WALLY. said…
hi; mr vest - how do i find an ASDA shopping place - never heard of them.
Vest said…
Wally: Purchase a cheap scungy cattle class air ticket from the flight centre and go to the U/K.
There is one in Leigh park near Bedhampton, Hampshire. ASDA have cheap wallets for sale about One pound fifty or $2-50 Aus. said…
I simply can't see why anyone would get taken more than once, don't make sense.
Vest said…
J J: My nearest and dearest came up with a similar reply.
Not surprised. words like dense, -marbles and nutty came to mind.

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