Whores Galore pages promote 'Vote (1)' for best Cathouse.

Today as usual I skipped the tail end pages containing the crappy 'Thugby league twaddle' which depicts  miscellaneous breeds of over weight boneheads grasping egg shaped plastic bladders who receive gushing inane nonsensical captions from equally numbskull journo's - but horror of horrors, the next pages going inward not only gave a list of several hundred brothels and massage joints but one bag shanty had a full page advert followed by three other notorious sex houses sharing a full page..
Sydney's sex industry probably employs an army of several thousand sex workers, meaning approx one woman in every ten you meet going to work each morning on the bus or train could be one of them. Does your sister, cousin, aunt or even your mother really work in the city office she Say's employs her part time for an extraordinary higher wage than is the norm?  or is your wife returning home tired out and unresponsive to your sexual advances, you should check her out unless you are aware she is doing it to pay off your expensive wheels you moron.

The first bag shanty in Potts Point in Sydney offering exotic what have you. announce
VOTE 1, it is time for a better Australia.

The next whore house R P M states, VOTE 1  "Gentlemen start your engines for a real Promiscuous Massage.

The full page ad for The 'New GOLDEN APPLE (50% off) voting day Sept 7.also state ,VOTE 1 "Only the best get inside the New Golden Apple. Stunning gold coast models"Just arrived'

Vest Say's. "How many times they have arrived is anybody's guess."

Other enlightening information can be gleaned from the remaining pages of today's SYDNEY DAILY  TELEGRAPH which is delivered daily to my door, For less than thirty bucks per Month..

"Have a Thoughtful day" Vest.


C A, USA. said…
Looks like you are having an Erection Day as well as an election day.
WALLY. said…
Sailor going home after using aftershave was told by officer,
My wife would think I had been in a brothel if I smelled like you.
Sailor replies - I'm lucky sir, my wife has never worked in a brothel.
Zac. said…
A randy young fella from Kent Once bonked a young girl in his tent, to save her much trouble he put it in double so instead of arriving he went.
Vest said…
Ok Zac Just gets in under the radar.

Others are warned keep it clean.
Rev Isaacs. said…
You have an amusing glossary of names for brothels.
Vest said…
Hi Rev: So what do you call them in the promised land?
A post I published way back described the goings on by Rabbis on thursday nights in Israel. I suppose I could give it another airing soon.

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