In God we trust Quotes the Yankee Buck.

Returning from Europe and China recently I converted my unused British and Unclesamland currency to Aus Dollars. I had been awed by the attractiveness and quality of the Brit Quids, although the longevity quality of the misc plastic Digger Dollar notes were in a class of their own. the unattractive dowdy looking Yankee Fifty dollar bills I returned  gave the appearance of monopoly money, it gave me that feeling of insecurity while in my possession despite the "In God we Trust" logo on  their partially torn and worn edges..
But not all is doom and gloom for those like myself who source a large proportion of their retirement income from Mother England, in the past sixty days have enjoyed a twenty per cent increase in their dosh - less  the inevitable taxes and the like. seems for some time now I am spending less than my income, which could relate to less outgoings in the jollity sector although the  big Pharma and Doc outgoings are having an increasing influence on downward monetary movements.

Think it more satisfactory to live richly than die rich.

Vest, back soon.


Vest said…
I note that the NRMA are now advertising on my blog, and so they should, I being a member for the past forty two years.
Anonymous said…
Hi money bags
Anonymous said…
Icollect old worn and torn american notes if you have them to spare, pleeze.....
Vest said…
Anon: Tardiness does not degrade the value of legitimate paper currency.
You should try the new lamps for old trick, you may get lucky.
BTW, does your name start with a T ?
Vest said…
Happy Birthday Christopher.

First born was delivered early hours in BMH Alexandria road Singapore, on this day in 1954.

BMH was the scene of the ST Valentines Day Massacre of sick and wounded Commomwealth servicemen in 1942. more on google.
Vest said…
Still recovering from the soreness from my OP last Wednesday, back soon.

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