Big is not always better.

Saturday arvo viewing on the telly was rudely interuppted by our large SANYO  LED  Digital TV aged 17.5 months dying on us, our previous TV was Six years old when we gave it away and still working. A few minutes later er in doors catching up with the ironing announced the death of our two year old clothes iron,. Today we replaced the clothes iron, but are waiting for A MR Sanyo to come and take a Squizz at the telly.
Found a parking spot at ALDI in the first available space on our arrival at this cheapo shopping centre. On loading we were only partially taking up some of the walk space when this monstrous female says's "Move yerAss or \I'll run you down" I replied "normally a hippopotomous could get through this gap , we were not expecting an oversized Elephant to pass by. This raised laughs all around and I fled to the safety of the drivers seat, leaving her ranting.
It had reached 31 C on the way to the main shopping complex when the Car Air- Con went Awal; another fix it for me. Found a parking spot after a tour of the  U/Gr parking lot but not before a bit of honking and RR with a Irate female when nicking in her parking / spot.
"There are no ugly women , only lazy ones.

Back soon Vest.


Dylan said…
You really just need to find the right brand with technology. Some companies don't build them to last at all.

That story with the large angry lady was quite funny!
Chiefy RAN. retired. said…
Bigest fleet in sydney harbour for a hundred years say the newspapers.
I am 91 and iremember in feb 1945 many more and much bigger pommie and australia ships in sydney harbour. these ships coming here look like tiddlers.
Vest said…
Hi Chiefy: At 91 I am not surprised you are retired. Being that you may have called some time in the past you will recall no doubt my time with the Brit Pac fleet.
When the fleet sailed North to sort out the sons of Nippon over sevety ships left Sydney enbloc. Two 40 th/ton Battleships, 6 huge Aircraft carriers, 14 heavy a light cruisers and over 45 destroyers, more than a dozen logistical supply ships followed.I
Have a list of names for all these ships somewhere. Yes big was better then. BTW , Included were 4 RAN destroyers.
Vest said…
Thank you Grandson Dylan for your comment.

Er and I will be popping down the coast on the train on Thursday to visit N0/3 son and spouse.

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