The Stupid 2ND Amendment

"That's right, absolutely stupid" It should become the first of UncleSamlands plethora of daft amendments to be re-amended, better still abolished. Most of us are aware of the backlash one receives from brain-dead redneck boozy shooters every time this disgusting privilege is threatened, but the outcry worldwide regarding the latest slaughter of innocent children and their teachers hopefully will bring to the minds of all that this is the final straw enough is enough. ..... Since the end of the Illegal invasion of Vietnam by the (USA Who I refer to as the New Germans) approx 50,000 souls have died in the USA from domestic and criminal usage of firearms, this figure is similar to that of the number of USA military deaths during the conflict in Vietnam, but multiply that figure by five and we may be near the number of deceased Vietnamese who perished in that unnecessary war. ..... However we may be on the brink of change. But some USA Cits will tell us that it is none our business, I went through that harangue seven years ago when pilloried by people I considered friends until I dared speak up against the 2ND Amendment, fortunately the barrier of the Pacific Ocean separated me from those USA rednecks. ..... The National Rifle Association of America is understandably silent over the recent killings, Its love affair with the 2ND Amendment and the right to bear arms is teetering on the brink and hopefully will not recover, the possible end of its powerful lobbying abilities in the capital and the states have them mortified. ..... To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which shall really increase the happiness and welfare of mankind - this is a choice which is possible for all of us; and surely is a good haven to sail for. ..... VEST, Back soon. ..... BTW, How are the Rednecks or taking this?


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Why waste your time abusing me and using filthy inappropriate language.
You may get away with abusing me but not the filth. Try using your own identity when posting a comment. No thanks for calling.
Have an intelligent day.
Troy, A gunman. said…
Obviously you have no idea about guns and their usage, go find out more about guns before you wimp on about us gun users.
Vest said…
Hi Troy: I am unable to agree entirely to your assumption that I am less knowledgeable than your good self regarding guns and miscellaneous weaponry.
In my opinion should your knowledge regarding guns be only a minuscule amount more than mine, you yourself will have acquired considerable experience, believe me.
Troy A gunman said…
What sot of crap answer is that , it dont make sense.
Vest said…
Troy: it would seem that you are not out shooting today, instead ; you are shooting your mouth off with little effect. Do you have a web site I can visit so I may return a few of your unsavoury compliments, or are you another retarded troll.

Google the following for info on my past.
HMS King George V. HMS Ceylon, HMS Diadem. HMS Mauritius, HMS Scarborough, and Tipner Rifle Range Portsmouth. where I was I/C of small arms and the magazine.
Vest Ex QA1 Royal Navy.
Anonymous said…
According to your latest info vest-your job in the limey navy gave you license to kill.
Vest said…
Yes Anon; Mostly Ities Gerries and Nips, sort of tit for tat and all legal. didn't enjoy it that much when under fire, could be fatal. or at the least disconcerting, particularly wondering if I would be home for Christmas.
Anyhow put your gun away and have a peaceful Christmas.

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