The alternative to being blind drunk.

A couple of days ago I made a trip to Dan Murphy's Plonk emporium, Dan M flogs his grog at a discount that makes other suppliers of bottled headaches wince. beside the 2 cases of beer; a case of Shiraz and other misc spirits, six bottles of JW Red size L 1.25 was a huge saving on the reg 700ml bottle price. Then on surfacing this morning er indoors handed me my Sydney Daily Telegraph( delivered daily to our door), together with my large glass of filtered water followed by a cuppa with one sugar. it was then shortly after I realised I should have bought JW Black instead of Red. A Kiwi guy named Dennis Duthie aged 65 had got stuck into the Vodka big time, Dennis from Taranaki New Zealand is a diabetic and the plonk he had been gargling had horrible reactions with his medication and sent him blind. Doctors at the local hospital realised he was suffering from formaldehyde poisoning sometimes treated by administering ethanol known to be in whiskey and treated Dennis with a Johnny Walker Black whiskey Drip by tube into his stomach. Luckily Dennis woke five days later, his sight restored. The moral of the story is should you be a diabetic get rid of that Vodka poste haste, Having problems send it to me for destruction I will gladly pay postage and packing. Email me for details. Back soon ....Vest.


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