So the world will not end today after all.

What a shame, we could have enjoyed a merry Christmas and a happy end of the world all in one, dun fink its gonnahappen folks; so we may now continue our debauchery murder and love-hate relationships until the next stupid prediction.... Australia luckily has an advantage over most of the world and should be the first to experience the planet's doom, as predicted by ancient soothsayers of the extinct Mayan civilisation which disappeared a fair while back, so any further advice from the archives of these extinct geezers should be taken with a pinch of salt - or garlic if you are Latino or Hispanic....... Much more likely; is that we will all still be here come Saturday, in one form or another. Hopefully this could be the end for end of the world predictions...... Tomorrow pinch yourself to be sure....... Back soon Vest. BTW.For those readers of my blog who live on other planets, and I know a few of these non earthlings, Watch it Mate, your next.


Link said…
You and Mrs Vest, have a wonderful coupla days . . . still extant hereon Planet Earth. Not sure about Davoh in the still extant stakes. Strange dream other night . . . Anyhoo, You've made me wonder what the next prediction will be?

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