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Very few of my callers who comment on this blog are relatives. Hands up those who have called recently, It would help to compile my LWAT which is lacking legatees. Thank you Gerry for your glowing report on Christmas. Plus your Christmas good wishes, purely out of politeness in response to my own good wishes to you. Gerry said Sunday, December 16, 2012 Christmas I have trouble with Christmas. I am not a Christian. I am an agnostic with atheistic leanings who thinks Jesus was a dissident Jewish rabbi and brilliant spiritual teacher who got crucified for upsetting the religion-political apple cart. I'm quite impressed by his Sermon on the Mount, but that's about it. Let's move on, folks. However, this time of year, every year, I am bombarded with "Merry Christmas" wishes, mostly from people who aren't all that Christian either. Certainly their ability (or willingness) to live according to the Nazarene's teachings seems to be as dismal as mine. We are told by merchants that if we don't buy enough food and crap to facilitate this orgy of celebration, the economy will collapse. Governments have even refunded some of the taxes they had collected (for building better health services and roads etc), in order to encourage us to go keep the merchants and their underpaid staff from slashing their wrists. I'll tell you how bad it's gotten! In commenting on the previous post, Vesty wished me a merry Christmas. And now, because social convention demands it, and because I genuinely wish him well, I have no option but to respond with: "Merry Christmas Vesty !!!" Bah! Humbug! Merry Christmas, readers. Have a good one !!! You too, Vesty! :-)))) posted by Gerry at 2:26 AM 0 Comments Vest Say's. These are extracts from my Diaries and later Memoirs. I was about fourteen years of age at the time I was compulsorily confirmed into the church of England by the bishop of Norfolk. I had learned about the catechism and other christian principles, I also learned not to ask adverse questions about the teachings of the bible. Our Holy man at the dreadful nautical college I was attending had a heavy hand. He told us that blind faith in the Lord would guide us through our lives and that the lack of faith was an unpardonable sin.... When I asked the Rev Holy Harling if his faith would save him if he jumped off a cliff after praying for safety, he chased me around the class room waving his cane......The malevolent use of the 'Unpardonable sin doctrine' by the Christian Faith justified their mass murderings and burning of people at the stake. Holy Harling was the reincarnation of Dracon 659-601 BC............My nose had detected that the bishop who was conducting the confirmation; had been at the sacramental wine. Only once did I attend Holy Communion. I just couldn't swallow the dogma. The thought of drinking the blood of Christ and eating his body were inhuman and repulsive to me........later. Joining the Royal Navy. The inscription in the Bible in my possession read; To L.... J..... B. On the Feast of the Epiphany, Jan 7, 1942. It was signed by the Rev Harling. I often wonder if the Rev Harling made it to Heaven....I do hope he wasn't too disappointed...... Merry XMAS Gerry you old scrooge, Bah humbug and all that unsociable stuff to all regards Vest..... Back soon. .....OH all right. "Merry Christmas Everyone"


Vest said…
So far we are having four guests this Christmas in order to gobble as much of the turkey possible to avoid Misc leftover recipes. Tim - (Tiny Tim) our recent prodigal son will bring a friend who is a Medically unfit Vietnam/Vet and and an ex girl friend of our Son Chris, will bring a Male friend. Uncertain who else will turn up.
I haven't commented recently...I've been in an internet free zone known as mother's house for the past few weeks, watching people send themselves into a frenzy over Christmas every time I've ventured out to go shopping.
While I've appreciated eating German sausages at the Southampton Christmas Fair I's be far more pleased if they were avauilable in Southampton shops year round.
Dylan said…
Christmas doesn't always have to be about the connotation. You can simply take it as a time for families to get together/ a other reason to eat a fair amount of food.

From how I see it presently, I kinda say screw saying "merry Christmas etc etc etc" and stick with Happy Holidays or something along those lines. Because, it is a holidays and for those that dislike the Christian Connotation that Christmas has, you can be moderately happy about it.
Vest said…
Thank you for your comment Grandson Dylan; heir to the throne.
Catch up tomorrow.
Vest said…
Thankyou Number one son, for having (READ) this post
Vest said…
Fly in the web: thanks for your call sent under difficult circumstances.
Oddly enough back a bit, a visiting sister in law from merry England complained about our Australian sausages. My reply was; "I agree Marjorie,(GRHS) they never put enough sawdust in the Aussie bangers. I'm afraid that did it for us.

Fly: Have a great holiday.
Pulse. said…
Happy Holidays
We would like to wish you and your family a safe and relaxing holiday season and a very happy new year.

Thanks for all your help this last year. We look forward to a great 2013 together.

Best wishes,
Fern and the Pulse team

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