So the World will not end after all

Despite the Mayan prophesy and other clap trap , soothsayers predictions and confirmation by Madam Carbon tax herself, sod all has happened and I'll bet Quids it will not. Take a squiz at this. Or do you think it may be a little late arriving for some obscure reason. Have your say before it is too late.


Vest said…
Well well,the World didn't end after all. seems it hasn't ended here I assure you, maybe it has in other slow moving parts of the globe-due to the lack of response to my post. then again you could be in recovery from the 'End of the world' booze up party which has misfired. or you may be like those who have been sucked into the 'For Christmas' syndrome.and are worried sick in case you have forgotten some blood sucking family parasite's xmas gift.
However, my blessings go to those who give to those in need, and not those who expect regardless, with little respect for those traditional family givers.
Ah well, have a have a happy time regardless, maybe next year the end will come.

C A, USA said…
I just love ordinary days when one is able to retain their sanity. Good post-liked your PM's speech, - she's a right ugly broad, who is the guy sleeping with her?. looks like she's just gotten off the slab in my morgue.
Vest said…
Thankyou for your comment C A. I must admit I have never admired MS Gillard as a sexual object, just feel she is always hiding something, Mainly the truth.

WALLY. said…
Only a pervert would have Gillards pic on the dunny door.
Merry Christmas vesty.

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