"Pss't, Wanna buy a battleship".or ''Hi Sailor"

Sydney NSW. Today it was announced in my Fave news paper(Delivered daily to my door)that a Battleship had arrived on our shores. Of course most intelligent people would know that, in this day and age , no such thing as a Battleship exists any more other than those used as memorials and have become shore bound, or in this case the figment of the imagination of The Sydney Daily Telegraph's MS Caroline Marcus whose knowledge re the international classification of Naval ships is sadly lacking. ...................................................................................... So let's get this cock up straightened out. The South Korean Naval Vessel visiting our shores on a friendly visit which is obvious otherwise it would have been sunk by our by our half/asleep Navy by now, is not a Battleship; MS Caroline Marcus. It is a Warship of Destroyer classification. All Naval ships are Warships and come under Submarines, Frigates, Destroyers cruisers, Aircraft carriers, And Battleships if you can find one. I served on the last British battleship which left Sydney Sun Jan 6 1946, HMS King George V...... oddly The Last British battleship to be built , was named Vanguard, which means I believe to be the first or forerunner, not the last. ............ Just a Thought, why do most foreign naval uniforms appear more modern and comfortable than those of British and Commonwealth comic opera navy uniforms reminiscent of Gilbert and Sullivan, gramophone needles and great grandma's musty memento's? BTW. Do you as a Brit or Commonwealth citizen agree that this silly girlish uniform our sailors wear should be changed so that our jack tars appear to be men and not deviates in drag. or maybe they should have the option of Mini skirts and Perms and a slap of make up, then it would be easier for them to dance the sailors 'Hornpipe' when ashore, as many sailors will tell you even a sober sailor cannot dance the hornpipe on the deck of a rolling ship. However, "Knock knock", "Who's there", "Nicholas", "Nicholas who" "Knickerless sailors in mini skirts should not climb the rigging" Vest... Back soon.


Lower deck lawyer. said…
Having a Sqiz at your book I recall the truck driver asking you 'whats the biggest thing you have driven' and your reply was a 'Battle wagon' how many tons asked he, you reply 40 thousand, crikey says he 'How many wheels' you reply 'just one the steering wheel'.
Vest said…
LDL: Battlewagon being Yankee terminology' for Battleship.
Gayman. said…
Sailors in high heels we have them already on australian ships.

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