From Vest, In reply to my recent critics.

       Being an Orphan without monetary advantage and with minimal, or better put - inadequate education, and the possibility of a higher education out of reach, the struggle to learn becomes one's own responsibility.
I have only my tutors to blame for any ignorance on my part; and any semblance of intelligence I should be held accountable for.
       I was not a philological prodigy. I lacked that uncanny gift which some people have for language structure which seems akin to a gift for music or calculation. I never became concerned with the metaphysical aspects of language.( I am not interested in Chomsky.That places me.) And I never thought of myself as a 'writer' or though I have tried to become one. I do have the opinion I am a fairly good plodder With an aptitude for grammar when necessary and a love of words understood by the masses.
      Few so called writers have the same abilities each have their own style if not each story would be boring.
      Each story or letter has its own subject matter usually only known to the writer and its objectivity too is important, far  more so if the writer has first hand knowledge of the place or happening. Travel worldwide has broadened my  knowledge giving me more insight to the matter which has to unfold.
     Geoffrey Chaucer was an uneducated buffoon but a great story teller who couldn't spell also I am reliably informed. Bill Shakespeare used hack writers and present day journalists prefabricate or embellish their jargon infested  information in the press and most are implicit one way or another in order to get their story to the public true or false.
     So it would seem the only way to escape misrepresentation is never to commit oneself to any critical judgement that makes an impact - that is, never say anything.


Anonymous said…
As a simple example of the new form for grammars associated with constituent analysis, consider the following: (1) Sentence-> NP + VP [noun phrase + verb phrase].
Noem Chomsky 1957.
Vest said…
ANON: "Oh No!!!! Not you Again".
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Anonymous. A dogmatiser in the province of philology is almost certain to be a good deal in the clouds. Mike.
Anonymous said…
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Vest said…
Anon No need for filth.

Anon: go back to your mountain hideout.I know who you are.
I hear this all the time, the "grammar" criticism from so-called masters, or ones who think they are.

Who created "grammar"? Those who desire to control the dialect of the soul, or those who just like to control how one express themselves. I love the "Aussie" dialect, even the "old" English dialect. I think they are sexy and refreshing based on all the dialects that are created daily by different cultures or where one lives in this world. Especially the youth; they are amazing, the way they create different ways of communicating via words. Every day it’s a new adventure.

You are right, without individuality, stories would be boring, as there is nothing new under the sun, just how the story is told and who is telling it -- that makes it worth reading.

I thank you for dropping in, your comments, no matter how brief, are always very thought provoking, and appreciated.
Vest said…
Linda Jones: Thank you for your comment.
I feel ingratiated to you for your favourable comment, again thanks.

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