200,000 Oriental troops storm the beaches of Sydney.

The year Ad 2001.  November 5, WW3  started. Nearly a quarter of a million Oriental troops landed on the Sydney beaches in an attempt to overthrow the Australian Govt and suppress its people and colonise the land.
On the same day in Europe (Guy Fawlkes Day). North European forces landed  1 million troops on the South coast of  England in order to install a Salami culture and destroy England's 'Black Pudding Industry' which had flooded the supermarket shelves on the European Continent.
After several months of conflict on both fronts the Oriental forces decided to give up and retire due to the shortage of dim sims and soy sauce and the resolute defence of the Strayans, and the invaders of England were suffering from ingesting too much Yorkshire pudding and a shortage of vodka.
Many sad tales of these warring incidents have been recounted over the past decade, and so to revive old memories, delegations from the former invading countries, meaning people led by fat cat politicians and travel agents wishing to bring in tourists and aging former combatants to recall their former glory. However the Aussies and the Brits have decided that, this is not on and have built  roads and walls along their beaches to prevent this happening, the walls from Bondi to Palm beach are daubed with signs :"SLOPE'S GO HOME" and in England where  graffiti is not allowed due to a policy of public flogging, people are carrying banners, some saying "Suck off home Ivan"and other rude slogans which cannot be mentioned on this blog.

A similar harangue unfolded in yesterdays press About a wall being built along so called 'Anzac Cove'
along a beach head at Gallipoli in Turkey  Asia Minor, where  in the year of 1915 hundreds of thousands of Turkish servicemen died protecting their homeland from the invading British and Commonwealth troops who eventually gave up their cause and used some commonsense and went home minus about 50,000 dead and twice as many injured.
I realise the importance of this conflict to many Australians regarding their deceased relatives.
However spare a thought for the Turks who fought off invaders who didn't want any part of that war on either side.
I personally find it offensive for some Australians to believe it is their God given right to oppose any changes in the infrastructure of facilities for tourists  at Gallipoli, it is none of their business to interfere on the behalf of money hungry tour operators and seemingly a host of drunken antipodean tourists who leave their rubbish where ever they go.
Whether it be for the tourist dollar or not, I feel certain Australians and Brits would not be so condescending as the Turkish people have been in tolerating former enemies to trample and trash their land.
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Have A peaceful day and may your God be with you.... Back later Vest.


Lower deck lawyer. said…
Meaning the boot being on the other foot so to speak. Mike.
Rosemary said…
When I was in Istanbull I found the Turkish people were Delightful.
C A. said…
Maybe most Australians will avoid commenting about this dillemma.from what I gather ther'e a cocky lot with a dundee attitude.
Lily Chen, Sydney. said…
Truth can be very embarrasing to dyed in the wool aussies - anyhow i dont like your use of the word Slopes thats a racist remark.
Amy.. Swansea. said…
I feel incensed about this slur on Aussie servicemen who died at Gallipoli any more of this shit I will not comment here again
Vest said…
CA: Meaning as cocky as Gung Ho Yanks.

Lily: So you are a slope head as I am a POM, only it is perfectly legal here in Oz to be mocked as a soap hating Pom and other silly derogatary remarks passed about us by the lesser informed idiots in this our adopted country. I hope you were also incenced about my filthy Chinese restaurants Post.
BTW. What is your designated order of rank or position within the Fith Column stationed here in Oz to await the arrival of the invading yellow hordes?

Amy: There was no slur on any service people in my post. so butt out. also being your comments on this blog being so few and unimportant, you can go and get stuffed.
Anonymous said…
Vest at his best worse.
Vest said…
Previous Anonyrat with no name. so you were born out of wedlock and so scared witless to append your monica. Will refer to you as gutter-snipe.
Probably one of those spiteful Melbun journo's or ambulance chasers locked out of their boudoirs by their money grabbing spouses.
Anonymous said…
Ok Vest it seems you are frustrated over something or other, when was the last time you got your leg over?
Vest said…
So its you again G S anon.
I do not normally reply to personal family problems. but in this case off the cuff I would say only Carbon Dating would provide an answer.
Anonymous said…
what a silly post
Vest said…
"Oh no not you again Anon".
Are you so sad you are unable to use your imagination or is it you didn't think of it first. Try drinking more water.
Lily Chen, Sydney. said…
I will no more talk to you vest, you are asshole.
Vest said…
Lily: When there is nothing more to be said, a fool like you Say's it.
Thank you for your Email message with telephone number.
Lily you are a wicked lady.

"Horrifications" Lily is a 'Cat house Madame'.
istanbul tours said…
As an Australian, Gallipoli is prominent in our cultural memory, and myths. The place commemorates a military disaster, as well as the heroism & dignity of both the Allies (Australia, NZ, Britiish, French, & Irish) troops that were slaughtered here as a result of a poorly planned invasion. The Turks bravely defended their territory Where the Allies landed is interesting, & too my surprise, I wasn't as "moved" as I expected I would be - perhaps decades of we Australians "celebrating" the landing at Gallipoli caused me www.privatetoursinistanbul.com expect to be moved. What is fascinating is to understand the Turks, as well as the Allies, & why there is the strong historical & cultural connection we keep nearly 100 years later Read a good history of the place beforehand. Go & see the Turkish monuments, and the moving Ataturk quote about the sins & daughters from foreigh lands now lying with Turkey in dignity - this is very moving, & reminds of a time when enemies treated each other with respect & dignity.
Vest said…
The previous caller(nameless) under 'Istanbul Tours'.

I too am familiar with tours, jolly cruises and visits to foreign parts, and whom with others selflessly served as ambassadors for their country during peacetime and during periods of conflict.
Some of my playmates were sweltering heat, freezing cold, dysentery, dehydrated food, Weevils, tainted water, JU87 Stuka dive bombers, Prickly heat and Japanese Kamikaze suicide planes; the latter being my favourite for preventing boredom with the host of other irritating deprivations which were known to drive most Sane persons around the bend with the screaming Abdabs. If you want more info on this I have an inexhaustible supply of unheard of sufferings and happenings only experienced by a few who at the time were expendable and unknown to those in authority as flesh and blood.
Yes I have been to Turkey and have a general knowledge of Turkish history. Did you know that Turkey has the third largest Naval Force in Europe?....Leaving Turkey I have been to 78 different countries most of them several times and also lived and worked in Malaya -S pore two years like wise same in Hongkong for two years plus.I am also English born. However, sometimes I feel stateless although I have an Aussie passport and Australian citizenship, I am constantly reminded by the Australian Govt I am not a real Australian although I have lived here with my family for the past forty years.
I am still walking, gardening and driving and am 85 years of age and I live with Rosemary my wife for the psst 58 years, wouldn't swap her for Quids.
Vest said…
They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.
"Lest We Forget".

" Don't forget to wear a sprig of 'Rosemary' on your best bib and tucker today" at the 11-11-11 ceremonies today.
WALLY. said…
Hey Vestie my Mum says- 'Vest Not Forget'
Gordon ..The Baker. said…
Its a tourism thingy Vest, a money spinner, the turks couldn't give a shit anymore than most aussies who hardly care its all money money
why dont we remember the the frigging boer war or brits the battle of hastings

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