Brits Love Aussieland. The Nation of vegetables. Plus Cricket.

Those lovely British people love Australia, despite the Aussies  desire to become Crickets all time losers. It could be the time again to import a few foreign players by giving a few well paid ball belters a temporary or Keppler Wessells type citizenship.  Retraining depleted and worn mouth wallers such as Andrew  M could solve the wicket keeping crises ( providing he could be fitted with a pair of mouth gloves.
However, the British people still love this sun burnt country and like myself have voted it the best place on Earth to live or just visit.
Australia finished on top place  ahead of Spain and Italy and America was the poor loser.
Tourism  from the U/K was worth $2 Billion a year.
Again However, I have a sneaky feeling most of the money coming in is from Brit pensions being paid to expat Brits living here. At least 30% of my retirement income is sourced from Great Britain.

Most Australians cannot recognise every day vegetables. It could be a nutritionists nightmare. Most adults have know idea what a turnip is let alone a Swede  which was recently spelt Sweed at a  Cole's Supermarket,  Most get in a pickle over naming of vegetables. Quite often at a checkout we are asked by the Check out person "what is or are they'' when bought loose. Prepacks save their brain power.
Most have never heard of an oriental radish (I have had partial success growing them in my garden)
Oriental radishes taste is similar to a turnip, that grow to a length of approx 40 cm and 40 mm circumference. when asked "what are they" by the mature lady at the  checkout; I replied " Oriental radishes" she then says's "Big aren't they". I reply " They sure are; I wish I could get mine to grow as big as them. What followed shall not be mentioned here, but it was downright embarrassing.

Have a rewarding week... back soon ... Vest


Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Haven't forgot you all-promise. I will ring in the next couple of days and have a good catch up. Robert has been away for 6 weeks and for a further 5. He is in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and is doing a blog Really brill if you have a chance to read it. Speak very soon. Lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxx
Vest said…
Hi Jane: I have replied to Robert on his new blog. A bit time consuming trying to read all in one go, will go back to it uncle les.
Chmski. said…
Hallo Vest
I have read your posts over the years and have noted a great improvement, although it would have been better had you attended a writing school beforehand.I must say though most of your callers are lesser scribes than your goodself.
Vest said…
Previous caller:

I am of the firm belief that everybody could write books and I never understand why they don't. After all,everybody speaks.
Once the grammar has been learnt it is simply talking on paper and in time learning what not to say.
Writing is an artifical activity. It is a lonely and private substitute for conversation.
I believe I write better than I converse.
C A. said…
With you there Vest, being understood is far more important than smarmy crap. we often get failed literates on the slab.
Vest said…
CA: You should consider commentating on the details of the work you do, there are a lot of ghouls out there willing to pay through the nose for that info.
Still on the G Y shift I see.
WALLY. said…
My Mum and myself love reading your posts Vesty. mum says your a great Australian as well as a trad W pom and she loves you.
C, Minnesota said…
I have never commented here before although I have read your memoirs and understood some of the tales within I had problems understanding the geographical bits and pieces I loved the cover.
Vest said…
Thank you Wally and thank your Mum too.

Are certain you haven't called here before (C)?

The book cover was an original water colour by Heather Bitz, who said long after I paid $250-00 for it if she had known it was to have been a book cover she would have charged more for it.
It is available in its original state for a paltry $500-00.
Vest said…
I have deleted most of the comments from detractors and the like , the unseemly abusive crap containing language enough to make an axe killer blush and a Bishop burn his Bible. Please keep these pages clean.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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