A Father Dilemma.

Or a Mother of a problem.

Forward into the future people world wide with the exception of those bogged down with archaic religious problems may find themselves celebrating  'Parent 1 Day' instead of 'Fathers or Mothers day'.
That seems to be the logic of present moves to include 'parent 1 and parent 2 in Australian passports' seen as a means of accommodating the descriptive means of same sex couples.
Could be problems there, who gets to decide which parent is assigned each number, could parent 2 even be the victim of numerical  discrimination. Perhaps same sex applications could list both parents as fathers or mothers. Problem solved.
Are you a Quitter.
Whether you are an ABC music quiz show or parliament speaker, quitting can leave on lookers with a  disappointed, bereft sensation. Just keep doing the job for ever and ever so we can feel secure and comfortable. However if you really really must quit try very hard not to release an album  of love songs in time for Yuletide.

I Shall be renewing my Oz passport next week time permitting,. Nearest and dearest (Fem) Rosemary will have a separate  passport.

Back soon..... Vest.

Extra.........Dec 1...A cool and wet start to the NSW summer today tiddling down, outside temp 14 Cel. cool southerly wind from Antarctica. Can't complain - yesterday was boiling hot.

Elton John's HUSBAND David Furnish, has had to leave Australia for emergency medical treatment in Los Angeles while the singer is mid tour in Australia. Hope He and Her have separate passports.


Vest said…
Despite some brief respite from the wet and the skies clearing yesterday the gloomy weather will continue to hang over the state throughout the summer. at present it is raining in most parts of New South Wales.
Vest said…
Seems that Gerry the failed down at heel second hand car salesman from the hillbilly mountains has lost his sense of humour completely, and is drowning in his own self pity. Get Well Soon Gerry.
Anonymous said…
Wots the world cumming too, a bit of a bummer to work out genders or do they take turns for opposite sex roles ?
Vest said…
Dunno Anon, never probed the problem, despite having a nautical past, I remained steadfastly a front door person.

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