Cricket Test. Australia "ALL OUT for 47".

Last Man in Hits highest score on Debut,... Ducks Galore....But keep calm . this is no reason to commit suicide, the game is not yet over.
Aussie fans 'Have a nice day '.... Vest.


Vest said…
Oh dear Oh dear. Shane Warne and Simon Katich "Where are you? Your country needs you now"
Anonymous said…
Fall of Wickets


Shane Watson (4)

(Phillip Hughes) 4 runs, 1 mins


Ricky Ponting (0)

(Phillip Hughes) 7 runs, 22 mins


Phillip Hughes (9)

(Michael Clarke) 2 runs, 7 mins


Michael Hussey (0)

(Michael Clarke) 0 runs, 8 mins


Michael Clarke (2)

(Brad Haddin) 2 runs, 4 mins


Brad Haddin (0)

(Mitchell Johnson) 3 runs, 10 mins


Ryan Harris (3)

(Mitchell Johnson) 3 runs, 8 mins


Mitchell Johnson (3)

(Peter Siddle) 0 runs, 4 mins


Shaun Marsh (0)

(Peter Siddle) 0 runs, 3 mins


Nathan Lyon (14)

(Peter Siddle) 26 runs, 30 mins

Vest said…
Just a few mins ago at eleven miutes to eleven oclock.S A Time, the South African inns stood at believe it or not, 1 for 111.
Gordon the baker said…
Say no more The aparthieds won.
Vest said…
The cricket news came from Vest @
number eleven, K----- avenue, Budgewoi, NSW,OZ.
Vest said…
Andrew M . Your sheer arrogance is noted.
A skilled political writer has the ability to turn truth into lies and can no longer be trusted anymore than a backyard car sales person.
The study of words is not the right thing for a man without a memory.

This was re printed here should my comment at 'GERY'S be deleted.
Vest said…
Andrew M.
This one in defence of my mate Davoh.
Andrew M. Giving it more thought.
Meaning you have little idea what is going on.
So it is a safe bet that your writing with a misty profundity means you are talking nonsense when not armed with a prepared speech.
In the case of Davoh and your good self, I quote. Of all the cants that are canted in this canting world - though the cant of hypocrites may be the worst - the cant of criticism is the most tormenting.
However, finality is not the language of politics. comeuppance is always around the next corner.

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