The I G A Supermarket, Birthday Special, Complete stuff up.

Where I live on the Central coast of NSW IN Australia we are blessed with a fair selection of options when it comes to supermarket shopping. Within a radius of eight klms there are to my knowledge no fewer than seven supermarkets, some of which who recently  started advertising specials on a Wednesday instead of the usual pension and social security hand out day on Thursdays. Not to be out done the next move was by another supermarket to get their specials out on Tuesday. However, to get their nose in front of the big guys, the smallest supermarket chain has gone to the extreme and  has  advertised that their "Big Birthday Bonus" Today Mon Oct 17,
I G A  Stores are open from seven am to eight pm and nearest store is minutes away. It is advertising more than a dozen major specials. So having nothing better to do but  help the struggling store we arrived at the nearest I G A store in Buff Point. I recall seeing this store quite sometime back when we called at  the Booze shop next door.
The first thing which drew our attention was the fact we were sharing a forty space car park with two other vehicles., Very quiet not much action.
On entering the store we felt we had arrived back into the fifties, I thought to myself  how F*#(^)#*#) Quaint. The first thing we saw on our tour of the store was the meat dept was probably less in size than my large fridge and box home, and the following advertised specials -Beef Boneless Sirloin steak @$10/99 a kilo, Lamb Forequarter chops @$8/99 a kilo, Beef Bolar blade roast, @ $7/99 a kilo Chicken thigh fillets skin off @$8/99 a kilo plus several other items were either invisible or un available. We bought  a tray of six pork chops @ $6/99 a kilo ( especially blessed by the Rabbi) and a few other items not amounting to much, and were told by a store employee that the meat delivery had been held up and they were uncertain when it would arrive. The checkout  arrangement was particularly slow and without any formalities, and on leaving I wondered how on earth that particular shop survives in an otherwise vibrant market, but it does somehow, I wish it well but it will not on my visiting list in the future.

Go to  or call 1800 622 549.

It was wet and windy in the Sydney Met area over the weekend with the the promise of Sunny balmy weather for the remainder of the week, But not as such unless my marbles are wobbling as I recall the Fri - Sat and Sunday as warm to hot  and today we have had much piddling down and cool with overcast skies...."The only truth is that which is not uttered".

Back soon ....Vest.....Oh and have a nice sunny week.


Frank in merrylands said…
My Mum and dad are from mostly Italion stock and cheap skates when shopping they mostly buy specials and shop at Aldi which are cheaper thanother supermarkets
Vest said…
It's called shrewed marketing principles Frank.
Penny wise and pound foolishness is the main enemy of household budgets' Only when you have an inexhaustable source of dosh may you give the cat another canary.
WALLY. said…
It was raining in sydney over the weekend vesty, had a flooded basement job, it wern't the rain just arusted galvo pipe.
Jo Sanders. said…
I decided that I should really take this drink driving issue seriously. So I drove the car to the club and had a few drinks and left the car in the car park and took the bus home.

Pretty impressed with myself really……..

First time I’ve driven a bus!!
Vest said…
Jo: Did you see the Chinese video where the child is run over?

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